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Journalism scholarship winner Ali Cheevers

Alexandra Cheevers is our journalism scholarship winner for 2015. As part of her scholarship she will shortly be heading to Lincoln University in the UK, where she will do a three-week placement learning about journalism in that part of the world.

What brought you to Macleay?

After leaving school, I was never sure of my career path. I did a Bachelor of Arts at uni and  dabbled in a number of different industries from PR to film and marketing. It has only been recently I've realised what they all had in common: meeting new people and telling stories. I have always loved to write so studying a Journalism course seemed like the most natural progression. It has been the best decision of my life. I finally feel like I am on the right track.


Ali Cheevers (2nd from right) is heading to the UK on our Journalism Scholarship
Ali Cheevers (2nd from right) is heading to the UK on our Journalism Scholarship


What is it like studying journalism at Macleay?

Studying at Macleay is such a unique experience. I honestly look forward to every day that I am there. The small class sizes have made it easy to make longlasting friendships. Having tutors who work in the industry and can give you constructive feedback is invaluable. It can be a very demanding course at times, but being afforded opportunities like the Lincoln Scholarship makes all the hard work worthwhile.

What did you write in your letter of application for the scholarship?

Being a journalist is a job I want to do for the rest of my life. In my application letter I sought to illustrate this love for writing and storytelling, together with the life experience gained before I commenced studying at Macleay. I felt it was an interesting combination of skills that I could bring to Lincoln University. Most importantly, to represent Macleay and all my fellow students would be an honour not taken lightly.

What are you hoping to learn at the University of Lincoln?

I'm also looking forward to participating in their community radio station and seeing how digital journalism and new media is approached by both tutors and students. To observe the differences and similarities between Lincoln University and Macleay College will be really interesting.

Where will your journalism career take you?

Journalism has the power to take you anywhere. It is a career that can transcend so many boundaries. This scholarship has already given me the gift to travel and meet new people. I can't wait tell their stories and many more of the other interesting people I hope to meet throughout my life.

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