Graduate Success: Kelsey Ferencak

Kelsey is the Junior Sub Editor and Production Coordinator for women’s magazines Cosmopolitan and Cosmopolitan Bride. She studied journalism at Macleay in 2012.

How's your day been?

Good and busy. We’re on deadline at the moment so I’m just getting everything sorted for that.

How did you come into such an amazing role?

I’d been working at DOLLY for just over a year as Editorial and Production Coordinator, and heard about the role through the Bauer grapevine so I sent the Editor an email and she told me to come in for a chat the following week and the rest, as they say, is history.

How does an average day turn out in the Cosmopolitan office?

I get in a bit after 8am to sort through emails and plan my day. Depending on where we’re at in the cycle I might be on deadline or subbing layouts and raw copy for both mags. At the moment it’s been pretty steady and then we get busy when we’re on deadline. I usually go to the gym during my lunch break and I rarely leave the office after 5:.30pm so the team’s very organised.

What’s the most interesting part of your job?

I just started my new role three weeks ago so I’m still getting my head around subbing and all the tech stuff within the programs we use. But I’m loving it.

What did you learn at Macleay that you use every day?

While at Macleay I was interning at DOLLY where I pretty much learnt everything I needed for a role in magazines. To be honest, without the internship I never would have landed that job. In my first year we learnt a lot about creative writing and news writing, and I think that helped me to become a stronger writer.

What is in store for the future?

I’m still pretty young so I’m just going with the flow at the moment and trying to get as much experience as possible. Subbing is what I’d like to do in the future because I enjoy it. From here I’m not sure, it sort of changes between feature writing and online. I’ve got some big things in the making so stay tuned!

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