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Got what it takes to be a music journalist? Kylie Minogue’s publicist shares her tips

Kylie Minogue is a walking headline who has spent more than 25 years in show business.  Kylie’s publicist of 14 years, Kylie Martin, is someone who knows just how important it is to stay on the right side of the media. She spoke to Macleay journalism students about the importance of good relationships and the impact of social media on the music biz.

1. Understand the impact of social media

Kylie Minogue has enjoyed a mostly positive relationship with the media, but Martin says the arrival of social media has brought new challenges. It’s provided critics with a louder voice. “All it takes is one person to make a negative comment on Twitter and the media can hinge a whole story around it,” says Martin.

When Kylie performed at the recent 2014 TV Week Logie Awards, someone fired off a Tweet accusing her of miming the performance. As a result, Martin spent the next few days fighting off media stories based around the miming rumours.

“It’s important to respond to rumours straight away. The miming claims were factually incorrect, so I was following up with journalists asking whether they’d fact checked the story,” says Martin. “I was able to respond to media with the news that Kylie, her management and Channel 9 had denied the claims,” she adds.

2. Build good relationships

Being a successful music journalist all comes down to strong relationships. “Take the time to generate contacts. As a publicist, you always remember those journalists that help you out,” she says.

“Kylie Minogue always has her favourite journalists – she loves talking to Richard Wilkins and Molly Meldrum. They’ve known each other for 25 years, they’ve been through the highs and lows and have always been very respectful. Kylie remembers that and those interviews are always a great experience,” explains Martin.

3. Be prepared for your interviews

Music journalists that arrive unprepared for an interview with Kylie Minogue will never get a good story. “The best stories come from journalists that have spent the time listening to the music and asking questions about music rather than Kylie’s personal life,” says Martin.

Follow Kylie Martin on Twitter @MartiniMediaAus

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