Life hacks – because if there’s anything worth doing, it’s worth going well out of your way to find a shorter way to go about it.


1Sort what needs to be done now from what needs to be done but doesn’t need to be done just yet – in other words, prioritise your to-do list. Oh yeah, and make a to do list. Be realistic with your goals – if you have four years’ worth of mess to clean out of your room and a penchant for getting distracted by shirts you haven’t seen in a very long time, maybe leave that until after your major assignment that’s due in a week, and allocate a little longer than an hour to do it. On both counts.


2Phone a friend – get a mate involved in your deadlines. If you have someone else holding you to account for your (in)actions (see: nag you incessantly and call you nasty names), you’re more likely to get the thing done. Tell a trusted friend the plan, and get them to check back with you.


3Embrace the miracle that is microwaveable mug snacks – you’re too busy to worry about little things like cooking and cleaning, so why not cut out the boring bits and go straight to eating a delicious, warm brownie out of a mug? Bonus: these can count as a reward at the end of a gruelling study session! Remember to treat yourself.


Post-it notes aren’t just sticky little reminder squares – they also double as an easy way to clean up the biscuit crumbs and dust wedged in your keyboard. Disgusting, but necessary.


Heavy sleeper, or lacking speakers? Put your phone in a tall glass (an empty, DRY glass) to amplify your alarm in the morning, or that killer Spotify playlist you’ve been dying to impress your friends with.


Protect your stuff with a little misdirection, like swapping the ink from your converted black and blue pens into the shell of a red pen – because, honestly, who in their right mind would steal a red pen?


7Forget the likes of Pine O Cleen and Dettol wipes if you’re on a budget – warm, soapy water will clean just about anything, including stubborn hair dye stains on skin, sinks and tiles. Gladwrap stretched across fridge shelves is an easy, disposable clean up option if your juice is prone to causing a leaky mess, and heating water with lemon juice in a bowl for three minutes will make cleaning the microwave a breeze.


8Eat before you head out to shop – you’re more likely to buy junk when you’re hungry (and you’re also more likely to fall for the old trick of thinking you’re coming out ahead by getting four packets of Doritos for 10 bucks, when, really, you just wasted money on chips you did not need). Remember, not all deals are in your favour, and a multiple Snickers aren’t going to sustain you for a week.


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