Getting hands on with Lynx Apollo and social media

Taylor Rogers is a Macleay advertising student currently doing a social media internship at Soap Creative, a creative digital agency. He is a big fan of the real work and hands-on nature of the job...

I got my internship at Soap Creative through one of the lecturers at Macleay College – all the lecturers and tutors here work within their industries, giving you a true insight into what the job is really like, not just teaching out of a textbook.

At Soap Creative I am a productive member of the social media team and now I sit next to the Social Media Manager working on all social media components of campaigns for clients such as Lynx, Kinder Surprise, Tic Tac and Rexona.

I don’t make coffees, buy lunches or do the photocopying, but I do plan and preload social media campaign elements for some of the biggest FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) in Australia.

With the launch of the Lynx Apollo campaign where Lynx will actually send competition winners into space, I have been planning several months’ worth of social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.

These posts must be relevant to the campaign as well as connect with consumers on an emotional level. This can be as simple as a one-off great photo, other times it can involve the planning of a mini-event within the campaign, containing multiple social media posts directed at a certain short-term goal.

I also recently worked on the Tic Tac Apple 500 campaign, where I literally had to build a racetrack for Tic Tac. The Tic Tac Apple 500 involved a large slot-car track with four Tic Tac Race cars powered by Likes on Facebook. Each time someone clicks “Like” on a certain car, a surge of power will pulse through that car pushing it further around the track. It was a fantastic use of social media to promote a brand.

Working at Soap, I am able to apply the skills I learnt at Macleay directly to the projects I am working on. In my opinion, nothing beats learning by actually doing. Macleay College has allowed me to take in the knowledge of true industry professionals, and given me the chance to learn by doing.

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