Macleay Appoints Advertising Great As Faculty Head

Macleay College has appointed Glen Fraser as Head of Advertising and Digital Media. 

Charismatic creative Glen Fraser has been appointed Head of Advertising and Digital Media at Macleay College.  A veteran of Havas, Ogilvy & Mather, Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT London, Glen is a highly experienced educator, producer and director. He has over 35 years experience across the Advertising, Marketing and Communications industries in Europe and Australia.


Glen Fraser has been appointed Head of Advertising and Digital Media at Macleay College.

“I’ve been a graduate trainee and I’ve been the CEO of a business employing 300 people,” says Glen, seemingly bemused by his own achievements. “I’ve learned from the best - Dave Trott and Shelley Lazarus, to name a few. I’ve worked on the smallest projects and I’ve been joint-lead on the Global relaunch of BP.”

Sipping coffee at Sandos, a corner café behind Macleay’s Sydney campus, Glen’s passion for advertising and digital media shines. “I’ve lived and worked through revolutionary change – the birth of the internet and the seismic impact of Digital Disruption,” he explains. “Throughout, two things have never changed: my love of great advertising and the fundamental rules of great communication; the magical alchemy of brilliant strategic thinking and creative genius. Great advertising works!”

Glen unfurls the faded pages of an old newspaper – a 1989 New York times.  That decade, he was working for J. Walter Thompson in London shortly before the agency published its now infamous ‘Copy Test,’ which revolutionised employment in advertising. “It was a test to see whether you had imagination; whether you could write persuasive copy,” Glen says. “Whether you could solve seemingly impossible problems.”

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Published as a full-page ad in the New York Times under the banner “Write If You Want Work,” JWT’s copy test featured a series of challenges. Number #6 was particularly bizarre. It read: “You’ve heard the story about the man who made a fortune selling refrigerators to Eskimos. In not more than 100 words, how would you sell a telephone to a Trappist monk, who is observing the strict Rule of Silence? (But he can nod acceptance at the end.)” Out of hundreds, possibly thousands of applicants, ten people passed the test and joined JWT’s vast creative team.

Before the dawn of the digital age, advertising careers were built off the back of ingenuity.  “Great ideas are lost when technology becomes the idea,” explains Glen. “Technology is amazing, but it can breed mediocre creative thinking. That’s where Macleay College comes in. We are inspiring the next generation of fanatics of great advertising; people who see creativity in communications as a business weapon.”

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A proponent of innovative learning, Macleay has created a parody of the original copy test. Hailed the ‘coffee test,’ these contemporary challenges are designed to test students’ ingenuity. Glen volunteers to take the test, posed with conceiving the headline and byline for an article about an impeding Bondi meteorite. Glen responds with a series of surf puns. “It’s probably a good thing I’m not a journalist,” he says, laughing. “My headline: Wipeout at Bondi. My byline: wave to end all waves due in one hour.”


Not anticipating an actual Armageddon, Glen is optimistic about the future of his industry. “Our courses and our learning methodologies are the best in Australia. They instil in our students what my old boss calls Predatory Thinking,” he says. “Day one at Macleay is day one of a brilliant career in Advertising and Digital Media.”

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