Macleay appoints Ian Thomson as Head of Advertising

Macleay College is very happy to welcome advertising specialist Ian Thomson as its new Head of Program for the Advertising faculty.

Advertising students will really appreciate Ian's wide range of global advertising and teaching experience in the fields of design, broadcast and advertising.

Ian's recent work career includes creative postings in London (Frame Store), Barcelona (OFramestore), Vienna (DMC), Hamburg (Premiere), Berlin (Metadesign) and Sydney (VPB). His portfolio of work in Australia includes branding and campaigns for the ABC, the Olympics, Samsung and NSW Tourism.

Most recently, Ian has been working as a freelance creative and director for advertising, film, television and theatre in Hamburg, Germany. While there he developed and implemented creative projects for agencies, TV program makers, business clients, trans-media and interactive events, as well as the stage. Ian was also engaged as a creative and advertising consultant to the North German public broadcaster NDR and their advertising agency WIRE.

Ian's work has won a number of awards ranging from the New York Festivals, BDA, Promax, Eyes & Ears of Europe, Cannes, the World Media Awards, Vienna Corporate Film Festival and AWARD.Ian's academic experience covers teaching branding, design and advertising to students at the Miami Ad School in Hamburg. He has also tutored the Masters students at University of Technology, Sydney and he has delivered a guest lecture at Griffith University in Brisbane.

For more details contact Macleay College.

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