Macleay College launches new Diploma of User Experience Design

Macleay College Launches New Diploma of User Experience Design. 

User Experience (UX) sounds complex. In fact, it isn’t, being born out of the rigorous designing of products that are simple, functional, user-friendly and visually pleasing. UX is so vital to the viability of businesses today as this type of design encompasses all elements of the end-user’s interaction with a company, its services and its products.

In the digital marketplace, a website is the first thing a consumer sees and is their initial interaction with a business and a brand. This experience is crucial. The American Marketing Association reports* that 88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad user experience (* Rolling the Dice on UX Design, Jan 2019).

However, today’s landscape is evolving further. User Experience Design has grown from the process of designing the interfaces and interactions for websites and applications. As businesses focus increasingly on user centricity, the role of the User Experience Designer has expanded to include researching, developing and designing user interaction over multiple touchpoints with any product, service and experience.



User centricity is at the heart of all UX Design.


The knowledge and skills required to become an effective User Experience Designer include problem definition, research and analysis, user empathy and problem solving, digital design and coding literacy, interpersonal communication and team collaboration.

Macleay College’s Diploma of User Experience Design also provides in-depth focus on:

  • UX and real-world issues
  • Entrepreneurial thinking
  • Design literacy and visual communication
  • Cognition, social and emotional interaction
  • Coding language and relevance
  • Interaction design and user interface frameworks

There is increasing demand in the job market for graduates who understand the intersection between marketing and a consumer’s digital experience, have specialised design and development skills in areas such as digital design, coding, written communications and interaction design. As well as individuals who have more creative analytical skills and can hone in on strategic design thinking.



Macleay grad Sam Ma uses his UX insight and design skills every day in industry.


Macleay College has a strong history of offering industry-focused and future-facing courses in Business, Media and Communications that put you in the best stead for a career in any of these fields. This new course in User Experience Design fills the gap between the more traditional university marketing and media courses that are struggling to keep up with digital trends, as well as the popular industry non-accredited short courses in UX that offer just 2 – 12 weeks of study. These fall short of providing the deeper principles of marketing and digital design, and often cannot be used for credit for further study.

Advertising great and Faculty Head (Advertising & Digital Media), Glen Fraser, helped develop the new course and adds:

“We’re seeing serious demand for UX designers in the jobs market. This course is a must for anyone with ambitions to succeed in today’s digital marketplace.”



"This course is a must for anyone with ambitions to succeed in today's digital marketplace."


Designed and delivered by Macleay’s first-class, industry professionals who give this newest course currency, depth and real-world relevance, Macleay’s Diploma of User Experience Design is made up of 8 units of study that can be completed in two trimesters - or just seven months of full-time study.

As an accredited higher education provider, the course fees can be deferred using the Government’s FEE-HELP program, and all units of study can be used to apply for credit into Macleay’s Bachelor of Digital Media or Bachelor of Advertising and Media – or also at other institutions.

 Why choose a Course at Macleay College?

At Macleay College we believe in real-world course content to ensure you’re job ready.

  • Our course material and teaching method incorporates the latest industry practices and real-world experience
  • Our lecturers have industry experience and up-to-date knowledge
  • Our small classes feature personalised teaching that nurtures your unique strengths

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