Macleay Introduces New Podcasting Unit

Next trimester Macleay is introducing its inaugural Podcasting elective. 

The new Podcasting elective is a comprehensive hands-on 12-week course that covers everything students need to know and learn to create their own audio stories in podcast format. It subscribes to Macleay’s philosophy of learning by doing.

It’s the end of another work day. Your brain’s a bit tired and you have a long commute home from the city. But what used to be a mundane, spiritless exercise to be endured is now a thing to look forward to – like the final chapter of a much-loved novel.

Such is the power of the podcast. It has turned pedestrian experiences into delightful little servings of escapism, to be enjoyed in daily bite-sized portions or savoured when you need some hearty sustenance, such as a long journey or unwanted exercise routine.

Many of the best and most popular podcasts, such as Serial, The Daily and Caliphate, are produced by mainstream media (this American Life, New York Times). Newspapers and radio stations started dipping their toe into the medium a few years back, but upon discovering the endless sea of material and seemingly insatiable appetite for it, have since dived in head first and are swimming with the torrent at a rapid rate.


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At Macleay, it’s no surprise our journalism students are keen podcast consumers – and equally eager to start producing their own. Some have already given it a crack for our student publication, Hatch. But they are now about to be given the opportunity to step it up a notch and create something really commute-worthy.


Radio Journalism students in action in the Macleay Radio Lab. 


The Podcast elective has been developed – and will be taught – by Melbourne lecturer and video journalist Tim Young, who was part of the successful team at The Age that produced Australian Podcast of the Year Wrong Skin and, before that, Phoebe’s Fall (if you haven’t listened, do yourself a favour).

It covers all the technical elements of audio production, including recording equipment, editing software, as well as essential skills such as script writing and embedding music, but podcast lovers all know the real art of the medium is in the story itself.


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Unlike a long-form print feature, podcasts allow the listener to become fully immersed in the story. They hear the native birds and surprising splash as a local aboriginal man dives knowingly into a crocodile infested lake in The Kimberley, the furious barking of the cadaver dogs indicating at the car hired by Maddie McCann’s parents in Portugal, and the crunch of boots walking over rubble left behind from ISIS bomb blasts in Mosul.

The art of telling stories is at the very core of journalism, and podcasts enable journalists to tell stories in a unique and engaging way that no other platform can capture.

We are excited to see what our students will produce in Macleay’s first Podcasting unit. And we look forward to sharing these with you, even if it is just to make that dreaded trip home from work a little more enjoyable.


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