Macleay Is Mad For Brittany...And She Is Mad For Mex

Real word experience, small class sizes and endless opportunities. How Macleay helped me leap into my Marketing Career.

What do I want to do?... This question is hot on the lips of many when leaving school and beginning tertiary education.

For me it was something I found quite daunting.

Then, I found myself enrolling in a Diploma of Marketing at Macleay simply because a close friend of mine, and very successful Macleay Alumni, Rebecca Wilson, said “You would love Macleay! Why don’t you just give it a try?”. Honestly, it was the best advice somebody could have given me. At the time I’d chopped and changed university degrees a few times and was very eager to start moving forward in my education. So off I went to the Macleay orientation. Well…the welcoming I received was enough to have me so excited to start! That year was probably the best year of discovery. I began to understand my skill set and what was possible.

One year in and after graduating as a high achiever from the Diploma I decided that I would articulate to the Bachelor’s degree. Macleay made the process simple and efficient. After a year of study at the College I was very excited to begin a Bachelor of Business. I had already developed so many valuable skills and built meaningful relationships with the educators and students. This sent me on a trajectory to land a role with Mad Mex that has offered me so many opportunities and facilitated my growth so early on in my career. Mad Mex has a strong and clearly defined brand purpose, supported by key values of Authentic, Connected and Cheeky. All of these resonate with my personality and boy do I love it, and I’m really growing and thriving there!


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Writing this has allowed me to reflect on the key aspects of Macleay that set me up for success. It truly comes down to providing real world experience, providing intimate class sizes with highly experienced lecturers and providing ALL students with access to opportunities. Personally, there were so many occasions where my lecturers provided fantastic advice and coaching that I have taken with me even after leaving Macleay. Dr Manny Aston was an inspirational lecturer with such a modern approach to teaching. He helped me make major decisions about where I would intern, how to handle life’s challenges and most importantly identify what I was good at and what needed development. The ability to tap into such experienced minds was priceless.

Macleay provided the foundations that supported me through my internships at two advertising agencies and they were even there for the mini meltdowns (I think we all have experienced these at some point). The internship aspect of Macleay’s model is by far one of the most valuable actions taken to equip students. It allowed me to gain exposure to the industry so early on in my education that by the time I had landed in Mad Mex I had gained a wealth of both theory and practical skills. I had also been surrounded by students embarking on various internships and sharing their experience and knowledge. At the time juggling study, two jobs, an internship and a social life was tough, but the benefits were fantastic.


Mad Mex Pic 2019

Opening of Mad Mex Central Station


Fast forward to my last few weeks of class in 2018 and Mad Mex, an international fast casual restaurant franchise, is hiring a Marketing Coordinator. I was lucky enough to have been offered the job and join a company that has provided me with a wealth of experience. If somebody would have told me that within one short year, I would be promoted to Assistant Brand Manager I would not have believed them! This isn’t to say this came without putting in hard work, but Macleay certainly helped me get here and prepare me for this step.


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My role at Mad Mex has been so jam packed full of good stuff… whether it be the people I work alongside, the ability to work on big projects, what I’m learning and being stretched with big challenges…or simply the fact I get free burritos! I pride myself in working for such a great organisation. Since joining, I was lucky enough to work on a project that allowed me to travel around Australia and NZ relaunching our brand to our employees and explaining to our network how the business is evolving. I’ve attended and contributed to our annual conference in Fiji and I have been exposed to working with C-level employees that have provided meaningful mentoring and guidance. I’ve worked with a bunch of talented creative people to create numerous advertising campaigns, learnt how to measure them and most importantly see that they’re driving results for the business.

I certainly owe Macleay a big thank you. They encouraged me to always say yes to opportunities and lean into the curveballs… oh, and that you don’t need to take the traditional path to get what you want!



Internal award won following the Brand Refresh – Customer Experience Workshops across AU & NZ


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