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Macleay journalism head gives UK interview



Macleay College’s head of journalism Stephen Davis has been interviewed by Britain’s Channel Five on conspiracies and cover-ups.

The interview, shot in Macleay’s new purpose-built television studio, was for an upcoming documentary series with the working title Conspiracies. Mr Davis spoke about the MS Estonia, an Estonian ferry which sank in the Baltic Sea in 1994, claiming 852 lives.

According to Mr Davis, the disaster, which he calls “Sweden’s 9/11″, was the subject of a cover-up by British and Swedish authorities, who he alleges were using the ferry to smuggle Russian intelligence to the West on the night of its sinking.

Though the official account of events blames poor maintenance for the disaster, Mr Davis told Channel Five he believes Russian intelligence officers planted a mine on the ferry in order to force it to turn back, which instead resulted in the loss of the ship and almost all its passengers and crew.

“The passengers who travelled on the ferry Estonia on that fateful night were human shields,” he said, repeating a claim he made in the New Statesman in 2005. “The spying services used public transport with hundreds of people on board as cover for their smuggling operation.”

According to Channel Five, the series does not aim to reach definitive answers on the theories it presents.

“The intention of each programme is not to prove or disprove a theory, but to place it in its context and to examine why each theory may shed some new light on actual events,” the company said.

The series will air later this year.

Story by Journalism student and Macleay Newsroom contributor - Jake Nelson


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