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Macleay Journalism Internship Workshop March 2014

Last week Macleay hosted the first of our series of three annual Internship Workshops for Journalism, Business and Advertising degree and diploma students. These valuable sessions welcome a variety of guest speakers to talk about their experience, the benefits of interning and why the internship is part of the Macleay curriculum, as well as offer great tips to get the job you want.

This year's guest speakers were four acclaimed industry professionals. Macleay welcomed Ron Wilson and Libby Armstrong of Network Ten, Amy Dale of The Daily Telegraph and Michelle Stephenson of Nova News. Ron Wilson pointed out the differences between being a reporter and a journalist, and also explaining that "to be successful, you must be a consumer of news and current affairs and be aware of your environment and history". He also told stories of when Channel Nine News Anchor Peter Overton began interning with him. Michelle Stephenson talked about how new technologies are changing the media landscape. She explained that social media platform, Twitter, "is the bible for journalists".

Daily Telegraph journalist and Court Reporter, Amy Dale, spoke on the versatile nature of her job. "Court reporting can lead you to a lot of places. It shows you the best and worst of humanity in a single hour." She also had some positive words to say Shorthand, a rare skill in today's world. “Shorthand is your best friend. Get Shorthand! You can't electronically record in a court. If you want to cover the big murder trial in the high court,  you have to have Shorthand." Macleay is one of a few education institutions to teach this important skill and make it a compulsory subject in the journalism diploma and degree.

This priceless advice continues to show that interning is one of the best ways to understand the nuances of an industry and get your foot in the door. Make sure you read about Macleay's latest Intern of the Week and email to be featured next.

Check out the video from 2013's Internship Workshop for more valuable advice!

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