Macleay Lecturer Bronzed In New York

A commercial which started in the stairwells of Macleay’s Surry Hills campus has won bronze at the 2019 New York Advertising Awards.

The Bronze was given to Advertising Faculty lecturer, Cameron Horn, honouring his 60 second creation for Brisbane Waters Private Hospital.  





“The commercial focuses on men’s mental health – particularly issues around PTSD,” Cam said.

“I have been toying with surrealism in sound for radio commercials and some of my early experiments for this ad were done as part of the 2017 Radio and Podcasting classes at Macleay.”

The idea of the commercial was to depict thoughts running through a person’s head.

“I wanted the effect of being caught in a labyrinth of reoccurring memories. During our final class that year, I lined up all the students with their phones, recording in different parts of the college. I also had a hand-held zoom mic and another ‘zoom’ in the stairwell.

“We synchronized all the recordings and then I ran past each of the students. They had to be absolutely silent – which was probably the hardest part. We even scared the cleaner a couple of times. But it was a lot of fun and a real hands-on moment for the class – to take part in the development of something that has now won this international award.

“When I got all the recordings back to the studio the result was huge. Really cavernous, which is what I was aiming for. Once we layered everything else that had to go into the commercial to create the surreal narrative, most of the student recordings were pulled back to simplify the mix. It was a sound engineering mountain which took 11 months from conceptualization to broadcast. But you can certainly hear Macleay’s stairwell and doors forming the soundscape.”

To hear the commercial click here



Cameron Horn poses with his bronze trophy won at the 2019 New York Advertising Award. 


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