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Macleay vs Uni - Spot The Difference

We bet you’ve got questions and we’ve got the answers. Find out just what’s same-same and what’s different about studying at Macleay vs a University.

How can I complete a Bachelor Degree in only 2 years?

Easy. We run three 12-week teaching blocks (trimesters) instead of two (semesters). Our trimesters run from February-April, May-August and September-December, allowing you to complete 12 units of study each year, while still getting plenty of holidays.

Is a Bachelor Degree from Macleay the same as one from a university?

Absolutely! If you complete a Bachelor Degree at Macleay, the qualification is recognised under the Australian Qualifications Framework the same way as a Bachelor Degree from a university.

What’s the difference between a university and a private college?

In Australia, there are 173 registered higher education providers. 41 of these are universities, and 132 are private providers, but all must meet the same standards under the Higher Education Standards Framework. Universities are publicly funded and have a research focus. Private colleges are teaching focussed, often in niche areas. Private colleges are generally smaller than universities, offering a more intimate and supportive learning environment.

How do I pay my tuition fees without HELP?

Universities use the Australian Government HELP student loan program, while private colleges use the FEE-HELP loan program for eligible students. It’s essentially the same thing, with a different name. You can learn more about FEE-HELP here.

What if I don’t get the ATAR required for a Bachelor Degree?

Firstly, take a deep breath because there are options. We review each application on a case-by-case basis, looking at more than just your score. You can also enter our Diploma courses, which don’t require an ATAR, and then articulate into a Bachelor Degree in the second year - provided you pass all your subjects.

What will I love about studying at Macleay?

Everything! Here are just some highlights:

  • Our campuses are centrally located, a two-minute walk from Flinders Street Station (Melbourne) or Central Station (Sydney).
  • With class sizes capped at 25, you can ask all the questions you need.
  • Classes are held across three days each week, leaving you plenty of time to study or work.*
  • All our lecturers are current industry professionals who’ll learn your name and go above and beyond to support you.
  • You’ll leave Macleay job-ready, with each student completing an internship to build skills and industry connections.
  • You’ll have fun! Think BBQs, coffee carts, pizza, competitions, guest speakers and industry visits.

Still got questions? We’d love to help. Get in touch here.

*Some Digital Media specialisations may require attendance over five days.

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