Macleay's Pitch Day - Shark Tank Style!

Macleay’s entrepreneurship students are taught to identify, develop and design a complete idea from inception to pitch day presentation, you know, Shark Tank ready!

Want To Become An Entrepreneur? Go Beyond Your Comfort Zone and Create, Pitch a Business Idea? Are you like the majority of 20 somethings who want to become an entrepreneur? What does it take to become an entrepreneur? 

A new study published in INC Magazine revealed, 63% of people in their 20’s either had or wanted to start their own business. The study also discovered 55% of the people in the non-entrepreneurial group hoped to become an entrepreneur.

What make someone an entrepreneur? Drive, guts, courage, a good idea, business skills, public speaking… a willingness to learn and get up after falling down…

Or, all of the above?



Pitch Day winners James and Jake receive their Killer Pitch awards. 


Any successfully entrepreneurs know you need a combination of certain skills to make it happen.

Today, I’d like to share with you how Macleay’s entrepreneurs students are taught to identify, develop and design a complete idea from inception to pitch day presentation, you know, Shark Tank ready!

It all starts the in the Enterprise Innovation 1 class where they identify problems to solve, using tools directly from the entrepreneur’s toolbox like Design Thinking. These tools not only save them time and money but helps them not only learn more about the problem but how to create the best solution.



Pitch Day winners James and Jake won Killer Pitch for their drink-deals app ‘XITE'. 


Enterprise Innovation 2 class is where they dig into the Lean Start-Up methodology. From interviewing others who are in their Ideal Client demographic to creating their Unique Value Proposition to them designing logos and websites. Step by step, week by week, they work through tasks to get Pitch Day ready.


Pitch Day_Blog Artwork

James pitching his business idea to prospective customers. 


The process helps students feel fully prepared for Pitch Day. Student Renae McGregor Dawson said about her Pitch Day experience; “There wasn’t anything that arose during the trade show and pitch that made me feel unprepared. I felt that through weeks one to ten we worked on filling out our lean canvas and pitch deck during class that we rarely got asked any questions that we couldn’t answer. It’s always tough presenting in front of your peers but the support from the other students and lecturers was a big booster and I think that was a large part of why we were so successful.”


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As a lecturer, my favourite day is Pitch Day. All their hard work has prepared them for this day. To see the student’s, go from having varying degrees of nerves/fear (even though they are well prepared) to then deliver wonderful pitches and come out feeling like they can achieve anything is just magic! I love it. 

All the years I’ve been teaching this subject, so many students have provided feedback saying that the experience has been a strong catalyst in their young lives. An experience that helped them understand key important lessons; that when you prepare, do the work, have a passion and ’show up’, even when you’re feeling fear and nerves, you come out the other side feeling a greater confidence in yourself.



Runner-up Zoe nabbed Killer Sales Pitch for scouting app ‘World of Sports’.


And you know what?

These are just the skills that an Entrepreneur needs. Student Marcus Luciani beautifully explains his experience; “Pitch day is all about executing on what you prepared on - and even with all the preparation in the world, nerves still play a massive role in your state of mind throughout the whole day. Pitch day taught me a lot about my self-confidence and my ability to persevere. Working through the lean canvas model was also a great learning experience for me. In my young age, and being interested and obsessed with entrepreneurship since being in high school, I have had many, many thoughts run through my head about businesses - whether that comes to marketing your brand, how you want to communicate, how to structure everything, etc. So, learning and working through the lean canvas model has helped me contextualise everything, and make sense of all these thoughts in a way. Above all, it has shown me how beneficial placing yourself in environments where you can grow and flourish is, and I enjoyed it. I genuinely enjoyed challenging myself and I genuinely enjoyed learning new things. I also think this is very important too for my growth as an entrepreneur and as a person.”


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One of the keys to becoming an entrepreneur is being able to step outside of your comfort zone. Of course, having a great idea that solves a problem(s), marketing and selling it to a market that is ready to buy so that you can not only make a great deal of money but also have a profoundly positive impact is fundamental. Getting to that point, however, is all about stepping outside of that comfort zone.


Business and Marketing at Macleay College

Our enterprise approach to studying Business and Marketing is unique. We foster entrepreneurial thinking across all our Business & Marketing courses, with a focus on action and experiential learning. 

Interactive presentations, industry specific case studies, team work, individual assignments, entrepreneurship and small business-related projects stimulate innovative thinking and more effectively develop your potential.

This sets us apart from other courses and allows students to apply their skills in a range of contexts prior to completing the course. 
Theory is brought to life through work on practical business projects in addition to work placements in industry.

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