Macleay's Top 5 Study Apps

We know you take your smart devices with you everywhere you go, but they’re not just for checking Facebook and playing Candy Crush.

There are a number of apps to help you manage assignments and study commitments: here are our top 5 apps for making this semester at Macleay College your best yet.

Snap2PDF - $2.99

When you take a picture this app will convert it into a searchable PDF document. That means, if you take handwritten notes in class, you can search them for key terms before exams. Genius.

 Notability - $1.99

Notability is possibly the greatest thing in the world, and you’ll soon discover why. It allows you to make handwritten notes on your iPad and save them as PDF. Need to draw a diagram? Make a mock up? Draw it in Notability then export it to Dropbox or post it on Twitter.

Google Drive – Free

Google Docs has changed the way we do assignments. This Google developed app lets you keep all your documents,in one place. You can pin them so they work offline, plus you can see who else is looking at them when you are and it comes with free storage up to 15GB.

 Chegg – Free

We understand how expensive textbooks are, and sometimes the library just isn’t a viable option. This app provides an alternative. You can rent your textbook and carry it around in your tablet. Searching for titles is a breeze, just scan the barcode and the app will tell you if its in their library.

 iStudiezLite - Free

This app syncs to your calendar so you can keep track of commitments like classes and work, plus your assignments. If you don’t tick an assignment off your to do list it will remind you its overdue. Once you've used it (and decided you love it) you can upgrade and get push notifications and keep track of your grades too.

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