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Meet Matt Rogers

Matt Rogers completed the Diploma of Business Management specialising in Entrepreneurship. From product ideas to an eyewear business that he “gave up too early”, there’s a clear entrepreneurial streak in this horse podiatrist turned start-up founder.

During his Entrepreneurship subjects, Matt and his group partner Sahra developed Hitch - a carpooling, ride-sharing social network. Fast-forward two years, Matt is in the process of trying to raise capital to get Hitch really up and running! Here is the full interview with Matt!

Matt-RogersWhat are your aspirations?
To create value for the people by solving problems through entrepreneurship and currently that is Hitch. 

Hitch is for commuters looking for a cheaper means of long distance travel, it is a new carpooling app that links passenger and driver heading in the same direction. Different from traditional ride-sharing platforms, we provide both rural and urban on demand transportation.

To give most of Hitch’s profits back to the very people that fund it through community programs of their choosing.

Why did you choose the course?
I chose to study at Macleay to bridge the gap of my past entrepreneurial failures, and because it scared me to my core to study, as I am "disleic" (dyslexic, thank god for auto correct!) 

What was the Macleay experience like?
Macleay was a pretty awesome place to study - they have a great culture. Most lectures only have max 20 students, so it opens up the classroom for conversation, which is where the true learning begins. 

I know you won EP Day with your idea “Hitch”. What’s going on with Hitch these days?!
Currently I am in the process of trying to raise capital and looking for the right team to push us forward. We are pre-app development and are looking for: front & back end app developers, UX and UI designers.

Post capital raising we will be looking for a Public Relations / Marketing Manager, Customer Experience Manger, and Social Media Coordinator  

We have just finished making a video and are a few months away from launching our crowdfunding campaign. 

Wish us luck!!

You can check out Hitch here and read more about Entrepreneurship here

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