Meet Fabian - Macleay Alum and Success Story

Meet Fabian – recent Germany-born Business grad and aspiring Area Manager at Amazon. Read about what motivated him to move to Australia and why there’s no place to study abroad like Macleay.


Studying Marketing at Macleay has been one of the most challenging and amazing things I have done in my life so far. I would never have thought that I would leave Australia with a Bachelor degree when I first arrived in Perth in 2016. It’s crazy how time flies when you are enjoying such a great Bachelor program.

It was great that my last trimester included 'The Marketing Plan' unit. Throughout my student journey I always loved the assignments where I had to analyse businesses and develop creative ideas and strategies. This was exactly what my last marketing class was all about. The first assignment included creating a marketing audit for a company of my choice. I chose Car Next Door, a Sydney car-sharing company. I thought to myself that this is an industry I did not know anything about and found it interesting to learn more about it in the process. This is also one thing I really like about Macleay... I always had the freedom to look at all kinds of industries from different angles through my assignments. Whenever I was challenged with selecting an industry or business in my course, I always chose a topic I wasn’t familiar with. I wanted to make sure I learnt about a variety of industries and kept challenging myself.



Fabian completing the Blackmore's Sydney Marathon in front of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


Florence Dobbie played a significant part in my marketing-learning experience at Macleay. First she was my lecturer in the 'Digital Marketing Strategy' unit and later she became my mentor in 'The Marketing Plan' unit, which was the unit where I created the marketing audit for Car Next Door.

The marketing audit included the analysis of the company, the 4-7 Ps, the company background, customer segments and three potential marketing objectives. The developed objectives were the base for the following marketing plan. This was where the creativity and fun started.

Our objective was to target a completely new customer segment- single mothers. This choice was very interesting because there was a lot of material to be found and the tricky part was to find the most relevant information and create a marketing strategy around it. We went with targeting not only the mums but also their children and areas with playgrounds and parks.

I enjoyed Florence’s classes a lot because we always had a great group dynamic in the class through quizzes and chats at the start of each lecture.



Fabian enjoying all that the Sydney culture had to offer. 


I am very happy and grateful to have gotten the chance to study at Macleay. The amazing lecturers and the practical, industry-oriented approach were the perfect learning mix for me. That’s why I enjoyed my course so much.

Thinking about one of my first marketing lectures, one person always comes to mind, Jeremy Taylor-Riley. I learnt a great deal of industry knowledge from him, an advantage which Macleay is known to provide.

He also helped me to score my first internship at Showtime Marketing in Alexandria. Showtime Marketing are a small agency that specialises in guerilla marketing and street advertising. This internship showed me insights in account management and social media marketing. During my 10 month internship with Showtime, I was the sole person responsible for managing their social media channels. The trust I was given by the team was very encouraging. 



                           Fabian enjoying the Sydney surrounds. 


Macleay also played a big role in helping me secure my second internship. Through an opportunity to volunteer at a conference, I met some great people through networking and was in return able to intern as an Event and Marketing Assistant at Cancer Council NSW, the biggest privately funded cancer charity in Australia. This internship was especially interesting because it allowed me to view the business world from a different angle compared to what I knew so far.

The internship lecturer for the second internship unit, Kathy Casha, stands out to me particularly. First she was great at lecturing the unit and provided me with a lot of insight into the job application process and offered me tools to use for the start of my career and beyond. She even the took time after my bachelor course had finished to help me prepare for an interview. I got the job and appreciated Kathy’s help a lot.

Now I am excited to start the next chapter of my life back in my home country Germany. Macleay and everything I learnt there will always be one of the most amazing and important experiences in my life.

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