Meet entertainment journalist, entrepreneur and author, Lauren Yeates

Meet Lauren Yeates. She studied a Bachelor of Journalism with Macleay and went on to launch her own broadcast network. 

Lauren Yeates, owner of entertainment media company Rave It Up, never intended to study. However, her journalistic aspirations kicked in the day before  trimester started in 2013, and she googled the college that had visited her high school earlier in the year.

“The thing that I think sold me the most was how practical it was, that we were actually getting out into the field and doing things and being in front of the camera if we wanted to be on TV,” she said.


Lauren Yeates with Shannon Noll (Photo: Supplied)

Lauren began with a Diploma of Journalism, however decided to expand to the bachelor’s degree when it was offered as she was already halfway through the two-year course.

“When I look at all the TV presenters and journalists I do look up to, they’ve all studied and it’s enhanced their presenting so I was like it can only do me good,” she said.

Already in the media industry, Lauren began Rave It Up in 2010 when she was just 16. It started off as an entertainment news site then expanded into video interviews, radio and now podcasting.

“I found that’s where my audience is, a lot of our generation aren’t listening to radio anymore and I just found it a lot more fun, I’d still go out to get my interviews but to be able to just present from home is just incredible,” she said.


Lauren Yeates interviewing singer Paulini Curuenavuli (Photo: Supplied)

The 26-year-old said she always wanted to inspire the younger generation to follow their dreams because when she started, there was no one asking these celebrities or successful people how they became successful.

Lauren said Macleay helped to enhance Rave It Up as a whole because they covered TV, radio and print. She would present a news bulletin three days a week while reading from a tele prompter for the college’s digital news site, Hatch.


Lauren Yeates and Canadian singer Justin Bieber (Photo: Supplied)


“To have that practical experience from Macleay really helped, then I found that I brought that into Rave-it-up and how I started presenting and asking questions in my interviews, the professionalism just skyrocketed.

Besides her presenting and communication skills Lauren also says her time management vastly improved because the workload was so realistic. If you have to study, then go to the newsroom to upload an article before hopping on a train to a press conference for a story then it’s a much more realistic workload for a journalist she explained

“It’s such a fast-paced world that things need to be up today, right now and you have to manage to fit in work, study, some sort of personal life as well as looking after your own mental and physical health,” Lauren said.

After several years in the making Lauren published her first book in 2020, ‘Knowing What I Know Now: Celebrities Reveal What They Would Tell Their 14-Year-Old Selves Now’. A question that she has asked all celebrities during interviews since starting Rave It Up.



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