Meet Kyle - Macleay Alum and Success Story

Macleay is a College where there are no walls and that’s what I believe was responsible for it’s truly collaborative and immersive culture and you see that at every touchpoint.

“Mum, I want to build rockets!”

Year 3 was coming to a close and a science fair was chosen as our end of semester event. We all worked on a project for the term which was an eternity at the age of nine and on this day everyone’s parents would come in and discover who’s parents were engineers and electricians. I, on the other hand, built my project entirely myself. It was a model of the Space Launch System the American’s used to fly the Space Shuttle to the International Space Station and back. Later my Dad and I walked to the local park, attached it to an air pump and launched it. It was basically a kit water rocket that I made look nice.

Ever since that science unit, that’s all I’ve wanted to do.

Around this time my dad was diagnosed terminally ill and in my senior years of high school the effects really began to set in. My math’s results began to plummet, and I convinced myself engineering was off the table, not possible.

It was a mere two weeks before year 12 trials my best friend Joshua and I were discussing software and a weird business idea in the senior area that our teacher Mr Nowakowski overheard and asked if we knew of Macleay College. He said if you have a keen mind for business and wanted to work an idea, give them a call and that I did.

Before I knew it, I was sitting down with Amy Larkin, one of Macleay’s student liaisons and we were talking enrolment.

She made big promises. Told me the teachers weren’t just teachers, they’re mentors. They’re not teaching from the book rather sharing experiences developed over a lifetime of industry practice to name one.


Macleay Hero Picture

Kyle on campus with lecturer and peers.


Macleay really has a very personal feel and the learning environment is concentrated. I saw the value in that when I met with Amy and applied the following day for a place in the Bachelor of Business course. It was a two-year course and at the time I figured I would be out a year earlier than any of my friends into the industry earning the big bucks.

2018 I started at Macleay.

Met many great friends on orientation day who are some of my best friends to this day and knew almost everyone in the cohort from every faculty by name and that included the lecturers, staff and management.

Macleay is a College where there are no walls and that’s what I believe was responsible for it’s truly collaborative and immersive culture and you see that at every touchpoint.

The lecturers and staff would always go above and beyond for you and you’d be silly not to do the same because the learning and networking opportunities in smaller classes - you don’t get that anywhere else…  (there is also a great pub next door and happy hour started after class but that’s for another day, just take my word on the networking).

I’d be remiss to say going above and beyond didn’t always mean to make it easy for you, and that was the beauty of it...

My first lecturer I had for my business elective unit was Ronan Healy and the class was on mindset, i.e., an attempt to embed in you the robust thought process and resilience of an entrepreneur, a business leader.


Ronan Mindset Class

Lecturer Ronan's Mindset class.


Remember how I said I had a weird business idea?

I may have slipped it in a conversation at the pub and the next week I couldn’t come to class until I knocked on every office block in our building from level nine down to Macleay (which is on level two) to gain feedback and validate my idea. 

I’d say I am a more reserved person and the very first door I knocked got slammed shut but I kept going because I figured it could only get easier and when I showed up to class that day at 12pm, the look on his face when I said I actually did it… He lit up with pride and I did too. Moments like that I’ll never forget and lessons like that, will stay with you forever.

Jeremy Tailor Riley, my marketing lecturer at the time showed me the ad world and landed me an interview at an international consulting giant responsible for some of the greatest UX and UI innovations of the age. I remember cooking in a cubical of a room for three hours as I prepared my case to present to the head of the division and Jeremy himself wearing a full suit. That exposure was priceless. It wasn’t easy, but that’s what made it so.


Jeremy Consulting Interview

Jeremy Consulting Interview.


From 2018 to 2020 I completed a major internship in a real estate firm contributing six months and well over a thousand hours of experience developing the single greatest skill in business - people skills… (Trust me I needed it).


Real Estate Field Picture

Real Estate field pic.


I studied and interned full time, and even went through a short battle with cancer of which Macleay and my friends were there for me every step of the way and I seriously couldn’t have done it without them. The support I received I can’t express to you in words how much of a difference it made to me and that’s a testament to the College.

I have since completed my studies with Macleay - a Bachelor in Business majoring in Entrepreneurship and if there’s anything you’ll learn above all else, it’s that there really are no walls.

Now I am onto my next chapter, Aerospace Engineering at UNSW.

Time to build some rockets!

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