Meet Macleay's Course Advisors

Here at Macleay our specialised team of course advisors have a combined 25 years' worth of experience in education and recruitment. 

For most of you the HSC marathon is over, and now you're looking to the future. For some of you a career change might be in order. Perhaps you love your current field, and are just looking to upskill? Whoever you are, here at Macleay we can help. 

What sets Macleay apart from other contenders is its personalisation. By providing a boutique education we also ensure every student's experience is a close, personal one where they feel recognised, supported and valued.



We ensure every student's experience is a close, personal one.


Our team members are on a first name basis with our entire cohort, from their very first interaction with you on the phone.

If you've just finished the HSC we understand the pressure of waiting for results and your HSC mark itself. However we believe every student is a unique individual with plenty more to offer than just a part of a whole. It is important to remember that your ATAR score isn't the be-all and end-all, as well as a reflection of not only one's academic ability, but the circumstances that one is exposed to throughout their high school career. It is important that you pick a course and more broadly, a university or college, based on its merits and suitability for you. Not the other way round. 




For the mature age student out there we understand how daunting it can be returning to study, and in some circumstances joining a classroom of fresh-faced school leavers. Our team at Macleay understand that your needs and priorities are different from other students, and we ensure that our class schedules, timetabling, study load and course structure best suit your lifestyle, as well as your capacity to commit time and effort to your studies.

For the individual looking to upskill, we understand that you may not want to sign yourself up to a lengthy course and might be better suited to something intensive but short-term. We have a couple short-length courses that can help you get an advantage among your peers in industry and help you feel confident about the future and the vital skills within your chosen industry. 


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Our team at Macleay is passionate about this mindset and we strive to align prospective students with the right courses while ensuring Macleay is a mutual 'good fit'. 

Our course advisors bring a range of personal and professional experience in the education sector and as a result are your first point of contact with the college.


Meet the team...

Joel Forde

Joel is part of our Melbourne team and after 5 years of University experience in the UK, he has spent the last 2 years working with Australian schools and careers practitioners. A firm believer in 'adding value', by providing impartial advice to all future students. "We want what's best for our current students as well," he says. "This means ensuring our industry-leading programs are the right fit. Macleay students tend to hit the ground running. The teachers here really help separate them from the pack - regularly securing industry experiences early-on, that they wouldn't get at a traditional university."

FUN FACT: Joel is an avid surfer as well as a part-time musician.



Joel Forde - Melbourne


Kamini Chand

Kamini is part of our Sydney team and has worked in sales and recruitment for over 20 years.  "I enjoy changing people’s lives by helping them open doors to new opportunities and broadening their horizons in education," she says. "I enjoy getting to know all students on a personal level - I love a chat and a laugh." Kamini is passionate about her work and the community feel here at Macleay - we can always rely on her to organise cultural events within our team, always bringing people together. "My personal approach with students is all about the ‘nurture’ factor - getting to know you as an individual, working out what the best option is for you, and seeing how I can best cater for your needs."

FUN FACT: Kamini likes working in a zen space and so her desk is always covered in plants and seasonal decorations.



Kamini Chand - Sydney


Isabella Turner

Isabella is part of our Melbourne team and has been working in education for the last few years. She loves assisting students in finding their desired course. "I believe that Macleay College provides an environment that fosters creativity, nurtures our community of students and ultimately get students job ready," she says. "I think providing courses that focus on practical experience without heavy theoretical content is also really important." 

FUN FACT: When she's not working at Macleay, Isabella is studying her Masters in Marketing Communications at the University of Melbourne.



Isabella Turner - Melbourne


Any one of Macleay's friendly team can assist you with course and career enquiries and to give you a better understanding of what we offer here at Macleay, and if we're the right fit for you.


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To find out more about Pathways at Macleay, call us on 1300 939 888 or email Our team is happy to advise you over the phone or arrange a visit to one of our campuses to observe the Macleay experience first-hand.

Contact Kamini Chand from our Sydney team on, Joel Forde from Melbourne on or Isabella Turner on

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Why choose a Course at Macleay College?

At Macleay College we believe in real-world course content to ensure you're job ready.


  • Our course material and teaching method incorporates the latest industry practices and real-world experience.
  • Our lecturers have industry experience and up-to-date knowledge.
  • Our small classes feature personalised teaching that nurtures your unique strengths.


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