Meet Maham - International Business Student

Meet Maham Tariq, Pakistani born Bachelor of Business (Accounting) student.


The journey at Macleay has been incredible. Without any doubt my lecturers at Macleay have helped me discover skills that were hidden within myself. From brushing up on my eloquence to enhancing my analytical skills, which have helped me to evaluate big data sets that at one point seemed impossible.

Curiosity has always been a greater part of me growing up. I have always been curious about my surroundings, and always wanted the answers to all my “Whys”. The older I got; the curiosity multiplied. I was never ready to settle, but wanted to keep discovering new answers and opportunities every day. I was always fond of mathematics, accounting and economics growing up as it primarily comprises of evaluation and investigation. After completing college in my home country (Pakistan), I decided to take a gap year and work to gain experience. A year later, after applying to different universities, I was offered to pursue a Diploma of Accounting leading to a Bachelor of Accounting in Australia. After completing my Diploma, I decided to change my university, and came to Macleay. Hands down, the best decision I made! The lecturers at Macleay have been extremely helpful and supportive.

Growing up I always spoke fast, so people would not understand me without asking to repeat myself a dozen times. It would be fair to say that I was never able to let go of that habit of mine. Thus, giving presentations was a challenge. Although I love to talk, it was difficult for the audience to understand me. I never thought of working on my articulation until I presented in one of Esther’s class. As much as she loved the content, she advised me to work on my speech. Since that day, Esther’s constant efforts and reminders helped me work on my presentation skills, and the results were quite evident, not just in the vicinity of my classrooms, but the conference rooms of my workplace as well.



Maham interning at Coles Supermarkets Office. 


Financial reports and data sets were always a subject of intrigue to me. I loved to analyse and evaluate reports and determine that the values are beyond just profit or loss. They are also about drawing budgets, speculating the future performance of a company, possible investment opportunities and so on. All my accounting assignments at Macleay have assisted me to develop extensive analytical skills. This is not just restricted to financial reports, but also improved presentation skills, I am now able to explain and interpret the outcomes even better, which is essential for a Financial Analyst.

As the final semester of my degree approached, I realised that I did not have any internship experience related to the degree I was pursuing. I knew for a fact that I was not going to settle for anything less and opt for an internship just for the sake of it. I wanted to do the kind of work that would challenge me and let me utilise all that I have learnt so far in my three years at Macleay. Fortunately, one fine day, I was reached out to the company that I was already working for (Coles Supermarket), to run their office for one of the stores. The tasks were related to what I was studying at Macleay, including payroll and cash handling, and the opportunity seemed as a stepping stone towards my future. Interning at Coles was extremely beneficial as it opened up a new perspective towards accounting. However, interning at Coles is not the end, but the beginning of many opportunities.

It is for Macleay that I was able to determine the career I wanted to pursue.

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