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Meet Tara Rushton

Tara Rushton

After a year living overseas, fresh from graduating high-school, and being inspired by the desire to tell stories, write, explore and find out ‘why,’ Tara Rushton returned home, and enrolled in our Journalism course. The traditional university environment wasn’t for her, after deferring her degree, Tara enrolled at Macleay graduating with a Journalism Diploma and Degree too. Thriving in our intimate environment, and being taught by industry experts Macleay helped set some solid foundations for her career today - now a TV Presenter and Journalist at Fox Sports Australia. 

We thought it was time to catch up on her experience to date and hear about her time at Macleay.

What are you doing now?
I work at Fox Sports Australia - as a Football Journalist and TV Presenter. 
I present 2 weekly LIVE magazine programs called ‘Just For Kicks’ and ‘Shootout’, I host LIVE match-day coverage across the W-League, A-League, Socceroos, Matildas and FFA Cup, and also work on the sideline as a side-line reporter at live-games around Australia. 

What has motivated you to become a journalist?
From a young age I loved writing - the 10 year old me - would compile scrap-books full of fictional stories, that I hoped would one-day be published. l grew up curious and inquisitive, and was always encouraged to explore and try new things, and I think that freedom of exploration and wanting to know ‘more’ - lead to a desire to want to tell stories.

Why did you choose to study at Macleay?
After a gap year I started University, however the experience didn’t resonate with me and I felt a bit lost. I realised I was after a more intimate learning environment, I didn’t like the massive lecture halls and the lack of routine at University. After some research I discovered Macleay and saw that Catriona Rowntree also studied there - and I thought she had the best job in the world. I also liked that the lecturers had industry and career experience, giving me life lessons along the way.

What was the Macleay experience like?
I really enjoyed my time at Macleay, I thrived in the environment, It was hands-on and the smaller class sizes gave me the opportunity to build relationships with not just my peers but my lecturers and feel that I was learning in a safe and supported environment.

Where did you intern?
I interned at a host of magazines! I started at 'TV Hits' (when that was still around) and ‘Dolly' - then moved over to ACP - where I worked on their Disney titles - before spending a few months with two international PR Firms. 



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