Meet Thanh Dang - Macleay International Alumna!

Meet Thanh Dang. recent Vietnamese-born Bachelor of Business (Event Management) graduate.

Russel Lewis, Macleay's International Student Services Support Officer sat down with Thanh Dang to learn a little bit more about her, how different Australia is from her native Vietnam, and what she loves about Australia and studying abroad. 

Given name? My name is Thang Dang.

Tell me, why did you want to study in Australia? 

I chose Australia because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives and the high quality education the country has to offer.

Tell me about your hometown.

I am from central Vietnam, Quang Nam province. It was the site of heavy fighting during the Vietnam war. So, my hometown is one of the most interesting historical places in Vietnam.


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Thanh Dang's favourite thing about living in Australia is the environment, fresh air and beautiful beaches.


What do you miss the most about home? 

Wow, of course the food and my family.

What is the one difference between education in your home country and educated offered in Australia? 

I think the education system and teaching methods. 

What is one / what was one part of Australian culture that you are/were excited to experience?

I would love to see and experience the Indigenous Australian way of life and learn more about their culture. 

What was the inspiration for choosing your course?

I would love to open my own business in the future so that's why I chose this course.

What has your experience at Macleay been like so far?

Macleay is a great college with friendly lecturers and peers. I loved the 'Pitch' unit as it provided me with the first step towards my future business.

In what way do you want to use your degree in the future? What’s your ideal career/job?

I know my degree will be beneficial in my future career. My ideal job is to become a manager in the hospitality industry.


Quang-Nam province

Quang Nam Province.
 What do you want to do after graduation? 
I am currently on the hunt for a full time job whilst I continue to improve my skills and try to achieve my goals.

Where do you see yourself in next 5 years? 

In the next 5 years, I would like to see myself as a Manager in an Executive Management team in Hospitality.

If you were to describe Australia to someone who's never been, what five words would you use? 

Australia in five words: Beautiful, friendly, freedom, clean, expensive.

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