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Graduate Success: Nigel Gladstone

Nigel Gladstone works at The Rouse Hill Times, owned by News Ltd. His work has also been published in the Daily Telegraph and The Australian. He got the job after interning at The Manly Daily, while completing the Macleay College Diploma of Journalism in 2012.

What's in your job description?

I do everything from the dining reviews for the lifestyle section, the police rounds and covering with the local councils. Blacktown City Council is the biggest council in New South Wales and I work with a couple of others to cover the whole area. I also do a weekly business column and general news - breaking news and press releases.

Is it a weekly deadline?

We have a Monday afternoon deadline for a Wednesday print run. Then NewsCorp gives us daily targets for the web as well - we have to put up one new story every day that's not in the paper.

What is your favourite part?

Having that higher-level contact with people. We talk to a lot of State and Federal MP's, and working for an organisation like NewsCorp gives you that access. If you're a student doing a school project, you're probably going to be knocked back. Also, some of my pieces have been published in the Daily Telegraph and The Australian, which is cool. It's good have the opportunity to get your name out there.

How did Macleay help you along?

Strangely enough - shorthand. It's been quite useful. The focus on getting an internship is important too, I don't think you're going to get a job without an internship. I think the kids that finish a 4-year journalism degree come out thinking they know everything, they don’t have any real world experience.

Best job perk?

Dining reviews - free food and booze, it's hard to go past them.

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