Nine tips and tricks for the ultimate study zone

When it comes to academic obsession, sadly, we’re not all Hermione Granger. If the idea of studying doesn’t make you weak at the knees (for the right reasons), we have a few study hacks to up your comfort, ease your pain, and help with those ATAR Results.


Pick your space
Bedroom? Study? Huddled in your wardrobe? Find a space that can be just yours. If you have the house to yourself and feel more at home at the kitchen table, or sprawled across the lounge room floor, then go for it! Remember to keep that TV off though. No, Game of Thrones reruns do not count as English revision.


Pick your surface
Bed or desk? You want to find a nice balance of comfort without having the temptation to nap. You want somewhere you can settle for long periods of time – awake time.


Pick your poison
Are your notes scrawled in a notebook, found on post-its in text books, chiselled into a stone tablet, or stored in an iPad? Make sure your pen is inked and keep a power source nearby for all relevant devices. If you’re going the digital route, please remember to stay well away from Tumblr, Instagram, or Facebook – speaking of...

furious typing

Fortify yourself from the outside world
If ever there was a moment to be selfish with your time, it’s now. Leave your phone on aeroplane mode, warn your family to knock only in case of fire, and obliviate that Netflix password from your brain. You are a lean, mean, studying machine; let nothing stand in your way.


Are motivational posters of kittens your catnip, or do you love the idea of a bright wall covered in post-it notes? Make your space a positive one, somewhere you’re happy to spend a Saturday indoors.


Aim for as much natural light as possible – not only is it better for your eyes, but it will also helpfully and subtly remind you that there is still a world outside – and ergo, life after exams. Draping something sheer across your window will allow light to fill the space while removing the temptation to stare longingly at the sky.

let there be light

Mood music
If you’re the kind of person who needs perfect silence to revise, work on soundproofing your area with the basic towel stuffed into the crack beneath your door, or sound-cancelling headphones. If you’re more likely to remember algebraic equations through song, don’t be afraid to let Spotify be your study buddy. Although, try to go for something ambient that will allow you to focus on the words in front of you, and not the ones drifting from a set of speakers.


Chargers, pens, highlighters – check your stationary stocks to guard against a disaster in the middle of a marathon study session. Sustenance is also important, so keep some bread, water, Skittles, Gatorade, dried apricots... whatever helps, on hand.


Have a clock handy so you can stick to a schedule – breaks are just as important as knowing vital HSC/VCE topics, like the cultural significance of Nineteen Eighty-Four, how to interpret data and statistics, the aftermath of World War I or whether Abigail really saw Goody Proctor with the Devil.

Having a comfortable area as your study retreat will make the idea of hitting the books less daunting and dreary. Revision is inevitable – but it doesn’t have to be an unpleasant experience!

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