ATAR bothering you? We can help!

taylor-swift-shake-it-off-meaning-takedown-culture-friends-interview__oPtFor the most part, Taylor Swift has absolutely nothing to do with how you might feel about your ATAR results. But for those of you who didn’t receive the results you were looking for, the answer is simple – SHAKE IT OFF!

Now before you start dancing around your lounge room thinking a career in pop music is the answer to your problems, it’s actually far easier than that. There are still fast-tracked diplomas and degrees available to YOU, where YOU can get the same qualifications as a university course in a shorter timespan!

In fact, you can still gain a degree in just two years without even having an ATAR! (You can start dancing now!).

Now I know what you’re thinking, why didn’t someone tell me this earlier to save me from all this stress? The truth is – we don’t know why, but we’re telling you now.

The results of your ATAR have nothing to do with your future direction! You can still chase your wildest dreams and be a success in your chosen industry.

Macleay College prides itself on practical and involved diplomas and degrees that ensure you receive real world experience, regardless of your high school test results.

Working in classes no larger than 20 students, you can work alongside teachers who work in their industry, know what’s required to succeed in their industry and know how to make you valuable to that industry.

Instead of cramming for exams and tearing your hair out over test results, a compulsory internship program will see you involved in the workplace of your dreams applying the skills you’ve learnt with some of Australia’s leading businesses.

If you want to land your dream job and be a success regardless of your ATAR results, Macleay’s reputation for commitment to student training is well recognised and can assist you in following your dreams.

The truth of it all is this – life after college, commonly referred to as the ‘real world’, isn’t looking for a piece of paper telling everyone how good you were in high school. The ‘real world’ wants to know where you’re going, how you’re going to get there and what you’re going to bring to the party when you arrive!

To be successful, you need to arm yourself with the best tools to assist you in making you the best version of yourself that you can be.

Getting your education provider right is crucial to this process and we want to help you hit your targets and shake your way to the top J

A 12-month diploma will see you not only prepared to hit the ground running in your workplace, but will also include formal training in job seeking, interview skills and preparation of your CV. We also assist in creating a portfolio of your work, along with a list of industry contacts to ensure you have everything you need to make the most of your networking and career opportunities.

Now that you are armed with this vital information, what are you waiting for?

Shake off the ATAR blues, research your options and start creating your future today!

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