150 high school careers advisers spend the day at Macleay College

High school careers advisers from across the state recently spent an afternoon at Macleay College's new campus in Surry Hills as part of their annual meeting and cocktail party.

Macleay hosted the group of 150 careers advisers as part of the NSW Careers Advisers Association Annual Conference on 17 October. The day began with a series of roundtable meetings in classrooms throughout Macleay with the delegates dividing into small groups.

NSW CAA President Sue Sundtrom said: "We were impressed with the facilities at Macleay, they provided great learning spaces right in the CBD of Sydney."

Macleay hosted a cocktail party later in the afternoon where the careers advisers were able to socialise with colleagues from other parts of the state. Highlights included the presentation of a news story that had been filmed by students from The Newsroom, as well as a prize draw where one lucky delegate won an iPad.

Sundstrom said: "Our members thought the interaction with students was fantastic and a great way to promote the college. The students were willing to share their experiences at Macleay and were positive ambassadors for the college."

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