Orientation Day Antics - Trimester 3 2013

New Trimester 3 students joined us this week for Orientation Day, which covered the basics of how we work, as well as some teambuilding exercises to help being the new kid in school that much easier. And the most important part, free lunch!

A range of our teachers spoke with our students, including marketing teacher Manny Aston who chatted about learning to manage your time and your stress to your advantage.

Industry Coordinator Jared Nathaniel walked the students through the ins and outs of internships, and the importance of interning. Making those industry connections will be the key to a career that others would die for.

Brianna, studying Journalism
Why Macleay? It just seems like a natural progression from dropping out of Media/Comm at Macquarie. I wanted to get doing something. My friend's doing Journalism here and the September start date just seemed right.
What do you want out of it? I'm pretty easy going, but something in radio/music is my niche.
What else is news? I just got back from Melbourne for my 21st. I think I wanna move to Melbourne. It's got a different vibe. Also, kudos on the excellent sandwiches.

Taylor, studying PR
Why Macleay? One of my friends goes here and the September start date means the sooner I start, the sooner I finish.
What do you want out of it? Dream job would be social media manager, somewhere in the entertainment industry I think.
Favourite social media platforms? You can't get me off Facebook and Instagram.

Rachel, studying Travel & Tourism
Why Macleay? I prefer the intimacy of private colleges and the hands-on work. I'm also impressed by the alumni! It really makes you motivated, it's so real.
What do you want out of it? Nothing's set in stone, just hoping to find what I want. I love to travel, so something in the industry in general.

Noura, studying Advertising
Why Macleay? I saw it online, just finished a business diploma and thought, why not?
What do you want out of it? A really good job. I just finished year 12 last year, but something in the design field, anything that comes into my world.
What did you get up to last night? I was up til like 2am. No idea why, just wired. But still, my brain woke me up at 5.40am, ready for this morning.

We'll see everyone bright and early on Monday 16th September to get your courses on the way! And keep updated by liking our Facebook page.

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