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Name: Peiyue (Sally) Guo

Country: China

Course: Bachelor of Business

Peiyue started out at Macleay doing the Diploma of Marketing and she has now articulated into the second year of our Bachelor of Business. Here she talks about her local experiences and working with Australian students.

What is your career goal?

To enter the real estate market and eventually open my own agency to help foreign investors.

Why did you choose to study in Australia?

I considered Europe and America but Australia attracted me because it isn’t too busy in comparison. But most of all, I enjoy the idea of having four seasons and being close to China, where my home is.

How did you find out about Macleay College?

My research led me to Macleay College to find a practical real estate course that also gives you a background in marketing. It also opened the opportunity to continue into the second year of the Bachelor of Business, which I am currently studying.

What is your impression of the course so far?

I realise the importance of working in groups in many of my assessments because it gives me confidence in the workplace environment that I am currently in. Having a marketing component also helps me to express my ideas to my colleagues.

What has been your favourite part of the course?

The internship process has been great! There is a lot of support from the college, especially in presenting yourself to employers. I found the mock interviews very useful for me to identify what is expected in the real world.

How do you find the Australian learning environment?

Relationships between my classmates is cooperative and approachable, which can be the opposite in China where many students often stick to their own groups and interests. I don’t feel any stereotypes studying at Macleay because everyone is open to my ideas, especially the teachers who encourage me to get involved in group discussions.

Any advice to other international students?

Being a Chinese international student, I recommend students to be confident in communicating with your local classmates. Having Australian students in the same room helps you build your confidence every day and before you know it your listening and speaking will improve. So make the most of it!

Tell us about your internship?

I am doing my internship at PRD Nationwide Sydney City, a real estate agency that has over 100 offices globally. I assist in marketing activities for their digital platforms, and also as a PA to the manager.

What is your favourite Australian slang?

My favourite slang is ‘ta’, the shortened version of thanks. It’s a really simple sound but can be widely used in daily life.

What is your favourite place in Sydney?

The Rocks. I love those old buildings and the cultural atmosphere.

Where should we come and visit in China?

If you visit my hometown, I definitely recommend Shenyang Palace Museum. It is the one of two Palace museums in China. Also you must eat Laobian Dumplings at the restaurant located just next to the Palace Museum. They cook the filling before folding it into the dumpling skin. Really delicious.

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