Meet Rebecca Young

Rebecca Young

Rebecca is currently the Project Manager at Heart On My Sleeve, a position she was offered after meeting Mitch Wallis, founder of Heart On My Sleeve, in her Business Consultancy class. We caught up with Rebecca to find out why she picked Macleay and what she's been up to since she graduated.

Grad Photos-Rebecca.pngTell us a bit about yourself
I’m born and bred in Sydney. I love kids and have one of my very own. His name is Jamie, he’s 5 years old and he is magic and goodness personified. After careful consideration I decided getting older wasn’t for me so I’ll be in my late 20’s until further notice. 

In August last year I completed a Bachelor of Business at Macleay specialising in Entrepreneurship. Before this, I worked in various unfulfilling roles before I decided to chase a job that I didn’t want to perpetually escape from. 

What are your aspirations?
My main aspiration is to contribute to the world around me in a positive way. For me this includes a relentless pursuit of self-betterment, raising a kind (and funny) tiny human and doing meaningful work. I came up with a concept for a business while I was at Macleay and alongside my current job I intend on fleshing this idea out with the hopes it will turn into something amazing. I also want to own a horse. And meet the Backstreet Boys. 

Why did you choose the course?
I wanted to get qualified in the quickest amount of time possible, without having to sacrifice the quality of education. I chose Business initially because I still wasn’t 100% sure the direction I wanted to take, but knew the degree had all the elements I was after. I changed from Public Relations to Entrepreneurship as a major midway through my degree when my goals became clearer. 

What was the Macleay experience like?
I loved being at Macleay.  I made some top notch friends and finally figured out what I wanted career-wise. The content I learnt was relevant and interesting and my inner nerd was so very happy. The lecturers are second to none - a subject like Economics that has the potential to be mundane and boring was the exact opposite and is up there with my favourites (no word of a lie!) I was constantly challenged to step outside my comfort zone and I’m genuinely grateful for the whole experience.  

Where did you intern during your studies?
I interned at a digital marketing agency called You & Co in North Sydney. In the end it wasn’t the type of work I wanted to continue in, but I learnt a lot that’s still relevant to me now and I can’t speak highly enough about the people there and the quality of work they do.

Professionally, what are you up to now? And how did you land that job?
I’m currently the Project Manager at Heart On My Sleeve. The founder, Mitch Wallis, was brought in by Macleay to the Business Consultancy subject and he allowed us to have some real world experience by applying what we were learning in class to his organisation.

At the beginning of this year Mitch approached me with this incredible opportunity. I have a tendency to unravel when things become mundane and monotonous so having autonomy, and more importantly, purpose when it comes to work has always been huge priority for me - the role I’m in now has both those elements in bucketloads.

Being apart of it all is so rewarding, we’re in the midst of some huge changes and I really believe Heart On My Sleeve will be making waves and disrupting the way people think, talk and act around mental health. 

Rebecca studied Entrepreneurship, you can read more about the course here.


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