Scholarship winners experience in the US

From researching credit card trafficking to exposing the abuse of college benefits, Alexandra Lee’s US internship has whet her appetite for investigative reporting.

The Macleay student has returned to Australia with a fresh perspective on her future journalism career and an experience she's described as "life changing."

Alexandra spent two weeks at the San Francisco Centre of Investigative Reporting (CIR) as part of Macleay College’s journalism scholarship. The scholarship includes a 2 week all expenses paid for trip to San Francisco and an internship at the Centre. She was selected by a panel of judges for her multimedia investigative piece on the use of social media by terrorist organisations.

She participated in ground-breaking research programs like Operation Open Market, an online identity theft and credit card trafficking case the CIR were working on.

“I used online US court systems to research those already indicted and those facing trial over these charges,” she said.

This investigation also required Miss Lee to chase up attorneys representing the defendants facing trial on these charges for interviews.

“The organisation and their journalists were truly inspiring and have transformed how I view journalism and news,” she said.

She is set to graduate from Macleay College at the end of this year with a Diploma in journalism, with the valuable experience from The CIR. Alexandra already has plans to travel back. “If anything was possible I would try and go back to CIR… I’m already planning to go back to the US,”  she said.

 Photos supplied by Alexandra Lee. Original article by Greta Levy on The Newsroom

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