Meet Sergio Magliarachi

Sergio Magliarachi

Sergio completed his Bachelor of Journalism at Macleay College in 2015. After internships with both the ABC and the Australian Financial Review, Sergio landed a role at the ABC as a General Producer. We caught up with Sergio to see what he's been up to since he graduated!

SergioTell us a bit about yourself
I have always been an avid reader, writer, and researcher from as back as I could remember; It was the works of Roald Dahl, Paul Jennings, and RL Stine that reeled me in to the universe of the written word at a very young age, and in time I diversified my intake to include magazines, newspapers, online content, and whatever was put in front of me.

My professional background is primarily in the health industry, but my interests are many; whether it's health, sports, cafe and coffee culture, literature, politics or science I'm eager to explore any topic, be it as part of casual conversation or constructing a long-form feature article. 

What are your aspirations?
I have a few - I would love to be part of, or one day maybe even spearhead an investigation that engenders a positive change in the way we do things in politics, science, or business; really any influential sector where there's potential for corruption or wrong-doing. In modern journalism, the time required to conduct thorough and far-reaching investigations is probably a luxury most media organisations can't afford, but I do believe there will always be a role to play here.

Historically speaking something like Watergate would represent the pinnacle of this brand of journalism, and closer-to-home and in modern times the type of investigations conducted by 4Corners - They have enacted many positive changes in Australian government and beyond simply by asking questions, holding others to account, and sharing their findings. 

As a voracious reader my entire life, I have always wanted to publish a book - Although today this is more of a pipe dream. But maybe down the line I'll have the chance to document the process of an investigation I have been involved in, or I could write about something else entirely, 

Why did you choose the course?
I decided to pursue a career in journalism at Macleay after completing a few creative writing courses at the Australian Writer's Centre, my personal training certificates, and studying Food Science at UNSW. 

After suffering a serious knee injury a few years back, I did some soul searching and decided that journalism was the path to which I was best suited, would fulfil my ambitions, and which I truly wanted to pursue - My range of interests has always been very diverse, so I relished the opportunity to research and write about all of them. The idea of working contrary to a rhythm also appealed to me - I'd never liked the idea of doing the same thing, at the same time, day after day. I'd always enjoyed working with people, and as part of teams, which I always had done. In most cases it is impossible to anticipate what is going to "break" or occur on a day-to-day basis in the news, so life is always exciting and journalists are always on their toes. 

What was the Macleay experience like?
It was a breath of fresh air - After five years in a university setting as one of the anonymous many, being inundated with piles of theory rather than being taught how to apply my knowledge and skills in practice, the Macleay experience was exactly what I needed. The content was relevant and streamlined, unlike universities that often waste your time with general courses unrelated to your career objective.  The small classrooms enable you to develop working relationships with your colleagues and tutors and keeps you accountable for your efforts.  

You build relationships, learn how to operate in a professional environment, and make contacts which help you advance your career; I can and have recommended Macleay college (and this style of education) to anyone that will listen. 

Where did you intern during your studies?
At the ABC, and the Australian Financial Review. I also accumulated many of my mandatory hours as feature, investigations and news editor in the Macleay newsroom. 

Professionally, what are you up to now?
I work at the ABC as a General Producer for the 24-hour news channel. It's the organisation I've always trusted most in the Australian media and as I said, they are responsible for some of the best investigative journalism in the country, so I feel I'm in the right place and on a good path to work toward my aspirations.

You can read more about the Bachelor of Journalism here

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