Shine Bright Without Burning Out

Is it exam time and you’re feeling the pressure? Or there's a massive project on that’s keeping you awake at night? Your to-do list is looking a little crazy, but you want to give everything your best. While a bit of stress can be a good motivator, trying to stack too much on your plate may lead to burnout.

How can you do your best without burning yourself out?

Prioritise things

Your to-do list is growing before your eyes, and it’s time to do something about it. That’s where organisation and prioritisation come in. These are just the things you need to help you decide what needs to be done first, help you work out how long things will take, as well as what can wait, for now. Create a study timetable as part of this process, allocating tasks to particular days and blocks of time.

Find balance

Finding that delicate balance between study and life is crucial. Make sure you factor in opportunities to take a break. Staring at your notes late into the night will only set you on the path to burnout.

Keep socialising

Go out and spend time with your friends. Having a secure network of people to remind you about life beyond the books is essential. To support each other in working towards great marks, don’t push your friends away at times when you’re both under stress. You both need each other. Just make sure you’re not hanging out to avoid doing the work. The key is balance, not procrastination or avoidance.

Take naps

Little kids have the right idea. Naps are brilliant for recharging the brain, which in turn will help you absorb and retain information more effectively - it’s a win-win. Eating is essential too, as healthy snacks and regular meals help to keep your energy up.

Be kind

To yourself! Focusing on your end goal is great, but be prepared for some unexpected hiccups along the way. Falling short of your desired ATAR result, for example, is not the end of the world. “Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.” – F. Scott Fitzgerald. Failure isn’t the inability to succeed; it’s giving up when life refuses to go the way you expect it. Whether we like it or not, life will rarely follow the perfect little path we try to carve out for ourselves, but there’s plenty to look at and learn along the way.

Share it

Talk out your fears and frustrations with the people around you. While your first instinct might be to create an ‘everything’s fine’ facade, now’s the time to be brave and ask for help. Your parents, siblings, friends and teachers will be able to offer another perspective on an issue and may help you find the best solution.

Ready to combat burnout and allow yourself to shine? Get in touch with one of our Personal Education Consultants for tips on study timetables and managing your time smarter, not harder.

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