Graduate Success: Simon Furey

Simon Furey graduated from Macleay's Diploma of Journalism in 2012 and through the contacts he made during his time at Macleay, he's found freelance work for industry leading sports publications, Big League (official magazine for the NRL) and Sportal, a website covering a wide range of sports in Australia.

What freelance work are you doing at the moment?

I'm writing for a few different sports publications. It's off season now so things aren't as busy, but I was working a lot for both Big League which is the official magazine for the NRL and Sportal, a website that covers most sports played in Australia - like NRL, AFL, and Cricket.

What are you working on at the moment?

I might be starting to do some soccer coverage. I did some work on National Youth League Soccer and I'll be doing match coverage and match reports for the season that's just begun. It's all online work, plus I'm looking for new opportunities to work on over the offseason.

What is it about sports journalism that you like?

It's the live element - the fact you're at the games, in the thick of it. It's really exciting.

Is sports journalism where you want to stay?

I'd love too. What I'm doing now is pretty close to what I want to do, but I'd also be really interested in producing digital content for different sporting clubs.

What did you learn at Macleay?

I learnt a lot about TV production, I didn't know anything about that before I started. I also found the media ethics side of things quite interesting.

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