What Skills Does An Event Manager Need?

Great with people, full of creative flair, a whiz with budgets and a party planner from way back? You might just have what it takes to succeed as an event manager.

You’ve probably planned some pretty great parties and get-togethers, perhaps a school formal or two. Being the life and soul of the party may be your destiny. Aside from enthusiasm, you’ll need some essential skills and attributes to nail this career. Read on to discover if it’s for you.

Being an event manager requires just the right mix of creativity, design and logic. Leadership is important, but teamwork is what will help a project succeed. Time management is crucial, along with the passion and enthusiasm to maintain super high productivity levels when things get a little stressful. A knack for quick and flexible thinking and adaptability will successfully ward off any potential disasters.

Excellent interpersonal skills are a must; to soothe a client, understand their vision, and communicate problems and solutions. The ability to rally a team of worker bees is what will keep an event on track and make it a wild success. Word travels fast in any industry, and you want to be known for your approachability and professionalism. You can develop these much-needed skills with determination and dedication, to help you tackle any wedding, music festival, or business conference that comes your way.

Innovation, creativity, and an eye for detail will help you think outside the box when it comes to solutions or unique ideas. Your energy, positivity and enthusiasm will inspire others to work hard and will help you face each challenge with quiet confidence.


Nail all these skills, and you’ll be running events like a pro in no time, with happy clients, happier guests, and minimal stress.

Think you’ve got what it takes to be an event manager? Refine or add to your repertoire of skills by enrolling in Event Management at Macleay.

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