Sports mad? Here’s some dream jobs just for you

Australia's sports industry is huge. Significant broadcast rights deals for organisations such as the AFL, NRL and Cricket Australia mean that the major codes have plenty of money to spend across all levels of their organisations.

If you choose to specialise in Sports Business, these are some of the great careers available to you.

Competition Coordinator

Competition coordinators play a significant role in arranging all the details that go into making local, national, or international competitions successful. They may be involved in event planning, registration management, budget analysis and compliance with policies and procedures. Successful competition coordinators are natural leaders and fast thinkers, with excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to work well under pressure. The average salary for an event coordinator in Australia is $50,734.


Public Relations (PR) Coordinator

PR coordinators manage the public image of the companies or clients they represent, crafting strategies and designing campaigns to help their clients maintain or improve their reputation and credibility. PR Coordinators may write press releases and put together media kits, coordinate press conferences, photo opportunities and interview requests, and help clients prepare for interviews. Australian PR Coordinators can expect to earn an average salary of $50,303.

Sponsorship Manager

A sponsorship manager working in Australia earns an average salary of $51,776. Sponsorship managers must have excellent oral and written communication skills, as well as people management skills. Sponsorship managers must be competent in working with advertisers, analysing and contacting prospects and making presentations, and be prepared to work flexibly.

Sports Agent

Agents represent the interest of athletes, particularly in contract negotiations, while also handling sponsorships, public relations, and financial planning. The agent must know the player and the sport very well, which means staying on top of all business developments in a sport. An agent needs excellent communication skills to succeed. There is significant earning potential for an experienced sports agent.


Sports Marketer

A marketing manager can expect to earn an average salary of AU$77,615. Sports marketing professionals promote sporting events, teams and players, as well as products and services connected to those teams, through direct marketing, product placement, advertising and branding, and publicity. Sports marketers need exceptional writing and communication skills, as well as skills in social media and in-depth knowledge about sports.

Sports Promoter

Sporting event promoters help plan, execute and handle post-event tasks associated with an event, spending many months preparing for a one-day or several-hour event. Depending on the type of event, a sports promoter will project attendance and revenue, visit and select venues, create a budget, sell sponsorships, oversee marketing, and handle on-site logistics.

Team Manager

Both individual athletes and teams hire managers to make sure that everything off the field goes smoothly. Team managers are responsible for keeping a group of athletes in good mental and physical health, and for working closely with the media on the image of their clients.

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