Guaranteed stress busters

As you get further and further into each trimester, stress inevitably creeps into the picture. Assignments start to pile up, and exams draw nearer. But, there are ways to help you put it all in perspective and stress less.


Close those tired eyes gently, focus on your breath and give yourself a chance to recalibrate.

There are plenty of free apps on hand for iPhone and Android, such as Relax Melodies, Take A Break! and Omvana. There are other types of meditation too. You can quiet your mind by walking the dog, taking a downward dog pose or working out.

Take a break

Read a book or go for a walk, watch an episode of your favourite show or pop out to a movie. And, be sure to keep your energy up by eating well.

See your friends

Human contact is a quick and easy way to lift your spirits when it’s all getting a bit much at the desk. Play a quick game of footy, indulge in some well-deserved retail therapy or grab a picnic blanket and head to the park for some Vitamin D.

Have a nap

A short 20-minute nap can help improve short-term memory, mood and productivity. Sounds magic! But, set your alarm because a deep 2-hour sleep won’t give you that fresh feeling.

Get perspective

Maintaining a positive mindset goes a long way to help keep you motivated, and conquer those study blues. Focus on your goal, be it a top ATAR result or entry into your dream course. And, hang in there, because there’s life beyond exams.

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