Student Story: Jahla Lawson-Bryant 

Meet Jahla. Jahla is a currently studying the Bachelor of Digital Media with a focus on Digital Storytelling. We chatted with Jahla about her aspirations and to find out how she is enjoying the course.

What are your aspirations?
After I finished school I had a gap year and explored the world but after extensive reflection, I realised that I wanted to study ‘Digital Media’ as a catalyst for my own writing and to extend my knowledge of a subject for which I had developed such an intense yearning for.

I strongly believe Digital Media is the way of the future and I want to be a part of that change and be ahead of the curve on the latest trends, technologies, and debates. The desire and enthusiasm to go out into the world and find stories sometimes from nothing, and turn them into a publication is much more than writing. It is becoming your own producer and creator in a newly convergent media sphere. As Sinatra Lennon once said, “We all want to change the world, I empathise with this view and seek to achieve it using my chosen profession and the power of the media”.

Jahla-Lawson-Bryant.jpgWhy did you choose Macleay?
I chose Macleay College due to the option to complete a Bachelor degree within 2 years as this means I would graduate faster and be in the workforce a lot quicker than traditional universities. I also loved the idea of smaller classes and the amazing facilities that Macleay could offer me.

How do you think Macleay will help you with your aspirations?
Macleay provides you with the opportunity to undergo an extensive internship program which will give me real world skills outside the classroom. Macleay offers more than just a piece of paper, it offers guidance from industry leaders and a helping hand to get to your dream job from day 1. You never feel in the dark… The college successfully sets you up with practical skills necessary for the work place not just theoretical knowledge you’ll never use in the real world.  

What has your Macleay experience been like?
The Macleay experience has been one of flexibility and personalisation. I love the boutique nature of the college... it is personal and it always feels like I am more than just a number. I feel like part of a family!

What are you up to now? 
I am still currently completing my last year at Macleay and am in the process of organising my first internship which ideally will be at a large news co-operation like Channel 9 or Channel 10. Part-time I am working in an admin position at a kid’s talent and modelling agency and casually working as a waitress at a local restaurant. I hope to gain more industry experience throughout my last year at Macleay and land my dream job in the news room after the duration of my degree.

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