Study Hacks to keep you on point

Let’s be honest, studying isn’t the most thrilling thing you’ll do in life – but, it doesn’t have to be the most painful either.

Check out these hacks to help you absorb more, up your productivity and maintain focus.

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Break it up

Techniques, such as the Pomodoro, revolve around the idea of taking frequent study breaks, suggesting our brains retain more information from the beginning and end of a session. The Pomodoro technique, or the 45-15 method, recommends studying for a full 45 minute block, then resting for 15. Other theories suggest studying in 25 minute blocks, with five minute breaks in between. Remember, there’s no set method for everyone. Try a few different ways to learn which one you brain likes more, and run with it.

Make it memorable

Try using colour to coordinate notes with post-its or highlighters, or use mnemonics to turn the information into an easily remembered song, or sentence – such as linking the acronym of PMAT (the process of Mitosis) to something like “Punching Monkeys After Tea”. Brains have incredible ways of making obscure links with memory and information, so feel free to have a little fun while exploiting this for your own educational gain!

Got gum?

The trick to better study could be as simple as chewing gum! Some American studies have suggested gum can help increase attention and focus, and assist in keeping you alert and awake.


Speak up

Reading your notes out aloud is more likely help you retain information than silently trying to commit the words to memory. Maybe don’t try this method in a library or the middle of class though.



Be it a short walk, or a simple change of location, shifting your scenery can help refresh your capacity and will to continue.


Know your enemy

Find out the marking criteria for your exams – are certain questions worth more than others? Is there anything specific that needs to be included in the answer? Surprisingly, your teachers will drop these little hints in class, and although they can’t reveal exact questions, most will be happy to point you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask!

Treat yourself

Last, but by no means least, remember hard work should be rewarded! Chocolate, pancakes, catching up with mates – anything to give you a light at the end of that long tunnel made of books and facts. Go on, you deserve it.


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