Success Story: Lauren Yeates

Name: Lauren Yeates

macleay journalism student lauren working at 2dayfm compressed
Success Story: current Bachelor of Journalism Student, but already working at 2DayFM as a casual Panel Operator (we’re very proud of her!)

How did you get the gig at 2DayFM?

Well I currently have my own radio show on a community radio station, where I interview celebrities and play music. I made a demo tape and sent it to 2DayFM, the Content Director then called me in to have a meeting. When she found out I ‘panelled’ at my other radio station, she invited me to intern at 2DayFM as a panel operator and then I got a job as a casual panel operator.

What is your role at 2DayFM?

Being a Panel Operator is quite the forgotten side of radio. Panel Operators mainly focus on presenting a radio program to air technically. I am responsible for keeping the show on time and timing out to news and other programming elements, and playing music and commercials at appropriate times. The entire on-air presentation of the show is reliant upon the panel operator.

Describe a regular day working at 2Day FM.

I panel Party People on Friday nights. I come into work at 9.30pm and have a quick chat to the producers of Shazam Top 20 about the show and also check if the show is running late that night. I then go into the second studio and check that everything I have to play for the night works properly and is all the right length.
I then wait till 10pm and come into the studio and take over for Angus O’Loughlin [one of the hosts of Shazam Top 20]. After that I am the only one around for the night, apart from the cleaners. I then panel what I need to til 1am and tweet via the 2DayFM twitter page about what I am playing during the night.
I also sometimes panel Hot Hits live from LA on Sunday from 2-6pm and panel Drive on some weekdays from 3-7pm. During drive I also have to tape and edit the traffic reports every 20 minutes. It is an amazing learning experience.

What is your biggest achievement in interning at 2DayFM?

I have made so many contacts while at 2DayFM and with the right people as well, which helped me earn my casual job there. My other biggest achievement is panelling an hour-long show to all of Southern Cross Austereo’s radio stations around Australia.

How has Macleay helped you to get to where you are now?

Macleay definitely taught me all my journalism skills that I have used in my work place and for that I am eternally grateful to Macleay. I am now always recommending Macleay to people I know.

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