The thrill of the chase

Tess Salmon, Journalism graduate (2005)

Tess Salmon knew from a young age that she wanted to be a journalist. Her journey to her current job as Media Adviser to the NSW Minister for Police and Emergency Services, Michael Gallacher, began when she walked through the doors of Macleay College in 2005 to study her Diploma of Journalism.

“I had chosen Macleay for the simple reason that it was a fast-tracked, practical course that would let me embark on a career much sooner than my peers, who had chosen the journalism course at Charles Sturt University," she says.


Her first big break

A few months into the diploma, Tess says she was fortunate enough to get “an in” at major talkback radio station, 2UE, where she interned for three months before being offered a paid job as an assistant producer.  For the next 18 months, she got to work with some of the big names in talkback radio such as Stan Zemanek, Mike Carlton, Clive Robertson and John Laws.

Tess then landed a job as a newsreader at 2SM where she spent nine months learning the ropes of reading live-to-air news before returning to 2UE to work as a reporter. “I felt all my dreams had come true,” she says.

Her role included reporting on high-profile cases with most of her time spent in courtrooms, as well as covering a multitude of other stories.  “I have toured cruise ships, attended more funerals than I care to remember, interviewed war heroes, challenged politicians, debated business leaders and covered visiting royals, celebrities, world leaders and even the Pope,” she says.

The next step

After six years of being a court and police reporter, Tess was offered the Media Adviser position which fitted her background perfectly.  She says of her success, “My journey took me to places I never even dreamed of.  I credit my foundations at Macleay College and my unwillingness to take no for an answer.”

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