The 4 Pillars of Advertising in the Digital World


Grant flannery white agency macleay guest
AdSpeaks at Macleay College: Advertising student Emelie Engman with Grant Flannery from The White Agency.


Grant Flannery knows advertising strategy. He's a B&T '30 Under 30 finalist', award winning advertising professional and has a portfolio of work for Nestlé, Lexus, Disney and Lion Nathan. He's currently a Lead Strategist at The White Agency.


Grant spoke at the recent Macleay College AdSpeaks session about the role of the strategist and the all-important differences between an Advertising Strategist and a Digital Strategist.


'Has advertising been evolving over the past years or is it simply the ways of communicating the message that have changed?'

The answer? Advertising strategy always has and always will revolve around four main pillars; the consumer, the brand, the media and the ideas.

So what do we need to ask ourselves about the four pillars to adapt them to the ever changing digital world?

  1. THE CONSUMER: What does our consumer look like online? How do they behave and how do we use pull vs. push strategies?
  2. THE BRAND: What's our brand's digital presence? How does it behave across all platforms?
  3. THE MEDIA: How can we use digital media to become more relevant to our audience and reach them at the exact right moment?
  4. THE IDEA: Digital ideas are evolving faster than anything else, how do we benefit from this?

Besides his perspective on how digital strategy is evolving, Grant gave students advice on finding THE INSIGHT, how to use research as a guide, and the differences between story building and story telling in advertising.

For anyone interested in the creation of big ideas and a strategist's process, research and intensive search for 'the insight', Grant's speech was incredibly insightful and interesting.


A special thank you Emelie Engman for her contribution in assisting with writing this article. 

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