The Future of Advertising Education

advertising advisory panel macleay college The Panelists: Ian Thomson from Macleay College, Andrew Barnum from Barnum Group, Linda Anderson from The Communications Council, Matthew Delprado from Lowe Profero, Dr. Jane Hession from Macleay College, Sophie Madden from Media Federation Australia, Aaron Michie from ZenithOptimedia, Gaye Steel from Guihen Jones and Andy Wright from For the People.

Macleay College recently brought together an advertising advisory panel to discuss the future of advertising education and how this can best meet the needs of a dynamic and ever-changing industry.

Advertising program leader Ian Thomson commented “At Macleay we want to be at the leading edge of the advertising industry and produce graduates with highly relevant qualities and skills. That’s why we invited some of the industry’s forward thinkers to develop some educational strategies around what the needs of the industry will be in the next 5-10 years and beyond.”

Macleay College is looking at further developing its Advertising course with specialisations in social media, creative, account management, media planning and digital production– to offer the industry more highly trained advertising professionals

A focus of the panel discussion was the development in the digital and social space, and the need for graduates to be multi-skilled. “People who can think outside the conventional problem solving paradigms and who work comfortably with technology and closer with consumers will be the creative teams of the future” added Any Wright. “It is clear that advertising graduates also need a good level of training over an ever increasing base of technical skills” said Michie.

“And the new spirit of entrepreneurship in advertising also needs to be encouraged” mentioned Gaye Steel. “Currently the biggest gap in the industry is the lack of client focus. We need to focus more on the users (clients and consumers) and be less introspective in terms of agency culture” added Wright.

Education specialist Andrew Barnum commented “In addition to training and application, graduates need to develop analytical skills for creating arguments in order to solve problems. Hence developing a culture of change and curiosity”.

Macleay College welcomes those interested in studying the Diploma of Advertising to it’s trimester 1 intake. Classes start on the 2 February 2015. For further news and updates check out the newly launched student blog,

The panelists included:

  • Andrew Barnum, Creative Principal at Barnum Group
  • Linda Anderson, Professional Development Officer, The Communications Council
  • Matthew Delprado, Creative Director, Lowe Profero
  • Dr. Jane Hession, Head of Business, Macleay College
  • Sophie Madden, Chief Executive Officer, Media Federation Australia
  • Aaron Michie, Chief Innovation Officer, ZenithOptimedia
  • Gaye Steel, Marketing Director, Guihen Jones
  • Andy Wright, Managing Director at For the People

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