The inside scoop on accounting job and salary outcomes

The accounting industry has grown over the past five years thanks to a focus on new technology such as cloud-based accounting, as well as business confidence. Audit services have remained a dependable income source, while there has been an increased demand for advisory services that are industry specific.

Career opportunities in accounting are limited only by your imagination. Here are some of the exciting graduate opportunities available to you, along with what you can expect to earn upon graduation.

Accounts Officer

Accounts officers keep track of financial records within a company, arranging the payment of bills and accounts. They may also handle general accounts queries, keep records of financial transactions, create reports and balance budgets. Accounts officers can expect to earn an average salary of AU$50,875.

Accounts Payable

A role in accounts payable involves the completion of payments and controlling expenses by receiving, processing, verifying, and reconciling invoices, all requiring a high degree of accuracy. Other duties may include data entry and responding to customer enquiries. The average salary for this type of role is AU$50,288.


Accounts Receivable

A role in accounts receivable involves monitoring credits and debits for accounts, following up unpaid invoices and resolving discrepancies. The average salary for this type of position is AU$49,405.

Assistant Accountant

The average salary for an assistant accountant in Australia is $54,026. The role of an assistant accountant is to support the finance department by completing routine accounting and bookkeeping duties, preparing budgets, maintaining reports and other tasks.

Account Manager

The average salary for an account manager in Australia is $64,124. Account managers essentially manage relationships with existing clients and customers and work towards sales targets. They generally work in an office setting, but may also be required to travel for client meetings. Account managers have a responsibility to stay up-to-date with trends in their field and the flow-on effect of these for clients.



Auditors are specialists who look at the accounts of companies and organisations to assess the validity and legality of their finances, checking the accuracy of records. They can also advise on possible risk aversion measures and make recommendations for cost saving. The average salary for this role is AU$55,726.

Bookkeeping Assistant

A bookkeeping assistant assists a bookkeeper with their role, the maintenance of records of financial transactions. Bookkeepers have an average annual income of AU$81,536.

Graduate Accountant

The average salary for a graduate accountant in Australia is $51,687. A graduate accountant is responsible for preparing tax compliance for individuals, trusts, companies, partnerships and self-managed super funds. This involves preparing tax returns, financial statements and BAS, client liaison and the preparation of tax advice.

Taxation Agent

Tax agents or accountants prepare and submit tax documents for businesses and individual clients. They need a strong understanding of tax law, to be able to communicate this to clients in the form of advice on financial and tax matters. Tax agents can expect to earn an average salary of AU$55,014.

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