There’s never been a better time to work in advertising

The advertising industry continues to experience growth, despite declining demand from print and broadcast media. The online advertising demand is high, and advertising and marketing professionals are needed to help develop and coordinate these advertising strategies and campaigns.

If you’re keen to fast-track your career in advertising, here are some of the great roles that could be in your future.

Account Manager

Account managers connect a client with an agency, and participate in all aspects of advertising, from idea creation to development to distribution. They need to be good problem solvers, as they manage both internal and external communications, and drive projects to completion. The average salary for an account manager in Australia is $59,982.

Digital Designer

Digital designers combine creative skills with technical know-how to bring designs to life. Duties can vary considerably depending on a company’s field, from web-based work to animation, to brochures and media kits. As well as designing, digital designers may also manage client relationships and may use storyboards, sketches or models to map out their designs. The average salary for this type of position is AU$58,964.

Media Coordinator

A media coordinator oversees marketing and advertising campaigns for broadcast, digital, and media outlets. A typical day might include client meetings, preparing media plans and organising budgets. Media coordinators can expect to earn an average salary of AU$45,080.


Digital Marketer

Digital marketers play a significant role in enhancing brand awareness and are responsible for developing, implementing and managing marketing campaigns. They need a high level of digital and technical knowledge, such as web analytics, SEO and e-commerce, to adapt to an ever-changing digital marketplace. The average salary for a digital marketer in Australia is $79,056.

Junior Strategist

The average salary for a digital strategist in Australia is $76,830. A junior strategist works with a planning team to create long-term goals and plans for a product. A strategist needs good business sense, the ability to read and analyse data and write creative briefs to generate the best possible client work.

Junior Copywriter

A junior copywriter works with a senior copywriter, in the marketing and advertising industry. They generate copy across many platforms such as websites and blogs, marketing collateral, and press and print advertising. They need to use their creative instincts to develop engaging concepts to fulfil client expectations. The average salary for this type of position is AU$43,650.

Junior Art Director

A junior art director creates visual concepts in response to clients’ briefs, including websites and apps, television and video, and logos and branding. Advertising firms, design firms, the media, and the film industry all employ junior art directors, who can expect to earn an average salary of AU$47,500.


Social Media Coordinator

The average salary for a social media coordinator in Australia is $64,308. A social media coordinator is responsible for developing social media strategies across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They create a campaign calendar and tactics to increase audience participation, also acting as the voice of those public sites. The crucial role of a social media coordinator is to actively engage followers in a dialogue to transform visitors into brand advocates.

Communications Coordinator

Communications coordinators handle an organisations' marketing communications both inside and outside the business. Internally, they communicate information and updates with employees. Externally, they communicate company news to the public and the media. This includes creating and maintaining a media list, writing, editing, and distributing content, like press releases, media alerts, and editorials. The average salary for this type of position is AU$56,073.

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