So you think you're creative?

Do you like to colour outside the lines? Does the idea of a 9-5 desk job make you shudder? You can channel your creativity to make it work for you. A life of creativity may not be the most straightforward path to take, but staying true to yourself will be so rewarding in the long run. Here’s our advice to help you find your way into a creative career.

Hit the books

Start with tertiary education, which can help you try out different creative options to find the best fit. You can explore a specific career for creative people, such as advertising, journalism or graphic design. If you’ve got a flair for the written word, perhaps copywriting is for you. Rather try on the title of Social Media Coordinator for size? There are so many avenues tertiary study can offer.

Explore internships

Internships are a brilliant way to gain experience in the industry and make valuable connections. They provide a launchpad for a creative career, with many graduates finding employment through the doors opened for them by an internship. Well-known organisations such as Channel Ten, Channel Seven, ABC, Belle Property and the Public Relations Institute of Australia have all said ‘yes’ to internships with Macleay students. Use an internship as a way to demonstrate your can-do attitude, thirst for knowledge and willingness to take on a challenge.

Say yes

Don’t be afraid to say yes, even if it means trying new things. Apply for a creative role whether or not you feel entirely up to the task. You never know quite what an employer is looking for. They may spot potential in you for a different role, or at least give you some handy feedback. What’s more, you’ll get your name on the radar to leverage opportunities further down the track. Your ideal job might mean a non-linear pathway, but you’re looking for an entry point. You never know where answering the phones may lead you. Be imaginative and use initiative to create your own luck. Pitch ideas and don’t be afraid to push yourself beyond your comfort zone.

Do your research

Found your dream job or organisation? Then research, research, research. Use the opportunity to learn everything you can about what’s involved. Find out what you can about clients, strategies, and past work to prepare yourself for the chance to impress.

Look back

Don’t discount experience; it’s all a teacher. A stint in retail could be the perfect training ground for a career in advertising, while your blog (read only by your mum) could spur you on towards a career in journalism. Acknowledge your current skills and life lessons, which you can keep building on. Your past has led you to the now; you can now use many of your transferable skills to help shape a new career path. Your creative spark and ingenuity will help get you there.

Want to know more about Macleay’s creative courses? You’re welcome to speak with one of our Personal Education Consultants at any time. Make a time to chat today.

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