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Three apps for a healthy mindset

Busy. Swamped. Flat-chat. However you put it, it’s time to take back control. Busyness has become a bit of a status symbol. And, while there are times when it’s unavoidable, such as exam time, it’s not a healthy state of mind for the long-term. It’s important to take some time out and focus on your wellbeing, to develop healthy, positive habits rather than just continuing to push through.

Macleay students have looked into three free wellbeing apps that can help you carve out some me-time and feel calmer.

Smiling Mind


What is the purpose of the app?

This app offers guided meditation for all ages and levels of experience. By using ‘bite-sized’ meditations for study breaks, you’ll revitalise your mind, while the ‘extended’ reflections are a great way to start or end the day.



Usefulness 10/10
App functionality 10/10 Very easy!
Practicality 8/10 It relies on your willingness to participate.
Impact on wellbeing 10/10 Meditation is scientifically proven to improve your health and wellbeing.



What is the purpose of the app?

This app lets you check in with your moods, then gives you tools to manage your headspace. Mindfulness helps you to look for the early signs of stress or anxiety, which enables you to control it more effectively.


Usefulness 10/10 -Excellent for a self check-in
App functionality 10/10 "How are you feeling?" push notifications are a great way to be reminded to take a moment.
Practicality 9/10 Any time is a good time to stop and breathe

Impact on wellbeing 10/10 An active approach to mindfulness helps boost your wellbeing

Breathe to Relax


What is the purpose of the app?

This app aims to calm down an individual during a highly stressful period, through ‘belly breathing’. It only takes a few minutes to go through the process, which then facilitates more effective work or study.


Usefulness 7/10 Great for minor issues with stress
App functionality 6/10 It takes a little while to master the app, but once understood it’s very functional. It also provides general information about anxiety, breathing and the process (for the sceptics).
Practicality 7/10 A generally easy-to-understand process
Impact on wellbeing 4/10 The student who took this app for a test run believes it can impact others in a more meaningful way.

Finding the right tools to help you manage stress and take control of your mindset is a process of trial and error. The selection of apps grows almost daily, helping you work towards becoming the most positive and empowered version of yourself.

Got a favourite app of your own? Be in touch and let us know.

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