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The Entrepreneurship Revolution Has Begun

8 things you need to know about entrepreneurship and why it is essential to modern business no matter where you want to work.

ronan healy entrepreneur macleay college lecturer

1. Do I need an ATAR to be an entrepreneur?

Are you kidding! You need four things: Passion, Commitment, Leadership, Openness. These skills don’t have an ATAR. A lot of this comes from challenging yourself. Our pathway programs are set up to cater for assisting you into a degree even if you don't get the ATAR you wanted.
Macleay is about learning by doing. Actually doing the things of the entrepreneur’s world. Not just sitting there and taking notes.

2. What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is about thinking on your feet and making things happen, not sitting in a classroom for three years and then doing an exam at the end of the course. Entrepreneurship is a way of life for people who are curious, enthusiastic, passionate and with interesting ideas. Young people often don’t realise they have these values. (You’ll note we never mentioned the words ATAR or HSC – more on this later)

3. What if I don’t want to start my own business?

It’s true that not all graduates will end up starting their own businesses, but we hope that everyone will get a job somewhere. The first thing to know is your future employer craves innovation and creativity. Without these things, a business simply can’t exist.
Macleay produces graduates in business and marketing who ooze innovation and creativity. It’s in their DNA. From a hiring perspective this makes our graduates very strong candidates. If you can speak the language of creativity and building a business, you are already at a distinct advantage over other graduates who have done theoretical courses.

4. Why do I need to know about pitching?

Pitching is the art of selling your ideas. It doesn’t just mean trying to get money out of investors. When you’re in a business environment then pitching is a big part of your life – pitching ideas to peers, your manager, basically everyone. It’s in your interest to know how to do this successfully.
The Macleay course will teach you all you need to know about pitching your idea in a company. By the time you graduate you will have learned a skill set that most other grads haven’t learned yet.

5. What’s so different about this business course?

The things we teach in our Bachelor of Business and our Marketing diploma are incredibly current. As an example, if you’re studying how to write a business plan, but without an actual business, then you ‘ve got the idea totally wrong. It’s that simple. What’s the point of a business plan if your actual business idea is no good?
The latest methodology in business is the Lean Canvas model, which is used in start-ups around the world. Start-ups shouldn’t be treated in the same way as a large organisation. A Start Up should test their assumptions even before building a business plan.
Go out and meet your potential future customers, have the conversations early in the piece before you spend a lot of money. You need to validate your assumption before speaking to investors.

6. But don’t universities teach this stuff too?

A lot of university courses in Australia only focus on the theoretical aspects of entrepreneurship and business. These courses are run by people studying entrepreneurship, not people who are entrepreneurs. If you ran your own business 10 years ago it has zero relevance today. Things change so quickly that you need current business experience to be a good teacher.
As a student, you need to learn from people who are involved in business today. The Macleay College course is run by people who are entrepreneurs and who have their own businesses.

7. So how does the Macleay qualification compare to other institutions?

People coming out of business schools don’t all get jobs, but Macleay teaches its graduates how to get jobs as well as how to make jobs for themselves.
Take a look at - you’ll often see the terminology ‘self motivated’ and ‘entrepreneurial thinking’ – these are the people who get hired, not people who need to be managed. Businesses don’t want to have to train you on the job – that’s the last thing they want from a new graduate.

8. Is Sydney a good place for innovation?

Let’s look at Silicon Valley, which is the innovation capital of the world. Stanford University in the US has given birth to several major innovative companies that are now household names in Silicon Valley. Google is the most obvious one that comes to mind. Silicon Valley simply wouldn’t exist without Stanford University.
Sydney is on the way to becoming an excellent innovation hub and Macleay College offers a business course that speaks directly to that industry. There are a lot of angel investors here. Macleay College now has the opportunity to produce people who work with these start ups, or start their own business – this model happens once the students get out there.

Who teaches you at Macleay College?

Andrew Robinson runs his own educational online games company and is a Fulbright scholar in digital communications from the prestigious Columbia University School of Journalism in New York. He has also spoken at conferences organised by Bill and Melinda Gates and currently teaches the Media and News Entrepreneurship unit at Macleay College.

Ronan Healy ran a highly successful construction company in Ireland and has a Masters in Entrepreneurship Management from the University of Limerick. Ronan has lectured Entrepreneurship for many years, and is passionate about inspiring students to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career opportunity. Ronan is also an Executive Coach and mentors entrepreneurs during the startup phase of their ventures.

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