Tomorrow's young business entrepreneurs get the latest from Macleay College

We’re only 4 weeks into the start of the year at Macleay College and already we’ve been blessed with some amazing guests in our Financing A Small Business for entrepreneurs stream. Thanks to our industry connections who have given their time freely to work with our students. Dante St James from Clickstarter has shared with us his amazing journey from the quiet back room of his home office to the wide world of digital strategy and cost effective marketing for small business. Dante’s useful advice for small business start ups? “Don’t start with too many products at first – stick to being the best at what you do.”

Luke-David-Rogerson.jpgThen founding director of Funlocka, Luke Cook, shared his journey of emotional ups and downsand elation on the eve of his new venture going live in 2018 with partners and business associates.“It’s so easy to get too close to the proposed start up business you have so much passion for. Have a mentor ... a go to person who can be as open and honest with your ideas and plans as possible.” That's Luke pictured on the right. 

Then we’ve covered a true life Q and A with John Reid, who is a chartered accountant and licensed financial planner at ARC Financial Services. John guided students through a dilemma based case study on when to sell or when to hold onto your share ownership once success as an entrepreneur starts to gain momentum. It’s all part of the innovative Business Entrepreneur Degree at Macleay College where we examine the financial issues and problems faced by small and entrepreneurial businesses where students develop problem-solving skills by analysing case studies.

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